::Curious Case of Nasty Ants & Flying Roaches::

It was the night when the moon turned blood red, shadowed –dark and dreadful.

It was the night of horror, of extreme creepiness.

It was the night of Lunar eclipse when the fiery nasty ants regained their power and declared a war on an unsuspecting unarmed little princess.

An unfair fight it was – hundred vs. one. She could feel the God shaking his head in pity. But royal blood flowed in her veins, the blood of Elephant warriors. Chin high, squinted eyes, armed with a broken sandal and crumbled newspaper, encouraged by her roommate, she attacked with a piercing war cry that shook the foundation of the building and scared the hell of her housemates.

It was the longest battle in the history of human vs. ants. She was bravely fighting them and if medallion of honor belonged to anyone –it was her, they were everywhere … on her pillow, her laptop, her bag but when one of the ants encroached on the property of her 3D Strawberry girl, she became furious. Blood rushed to her face in anger.

Thap thap thap thap … the voice of destruction echoed in her house.
It was at that time, the ants introduced a new lethal war-alliance – The flying cockroach.

Zeewwww zzeewww … it flew with a malicious tinkle in its eyes. (Ok I didn’t see that, but what else could be )

Ohh it was the ewwest thing in the whole species of cockroaches that ever existed.

Her hands were puffy, her neck red and face pink with ant bites. For the first time she realized pink and pain could be put together in the same sentence. 

When nasty ants attacked, hand in hand went Pink and pain,
Little princess breaking her head , on a night without any rain.

And then, her roomie, gave her Brahmastra – The Ant Stick.  Tan da dan.

Like a lunatic she drew lines after lines on the wall and bed-sheet. Surprisingly, that did slow down the ants. And after 15 min, all were gone.

Peace finally resided on the walls of her room.
Inner peace, inner peace, inner .. peace …

Zeewww zewww zewww. 

But one enemy was still lurking, the flying cockroach applied Guerrilla tactics.

Last heard, she kicked the thing out; but it was persistent and returned back with more vengeance.

And to this day, the fight continues.

10 thoughts on “::Curious Case of Nasty Ants & Flying Roaches::

  1. 😀 an epic battle.. wonderfully penned…came in after a long time and was really awed…

    the ant sticks are really wonder weapon…like a child prodigal painter…there are faces..and scenaries all over my "cave walls"… 😀

    and a favourite war tactic is to make concentric circles..so that they get trapped… and DIE!!! 😀 😀

    😀 kudos for this wonderful post…will come back for more…

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