[3D Origami]::The art of folding a paper 10::

3D Origami Tulips
3D Origami Vase

Tulips-75 triangles each (Regular A4 size paper)
These aren’t fresh paper, but recent flights and train tickets collected from my friends and colleagues.

Quite a colorful vase … made of around 250 triangles
Ran out of colored paper, so bought some crayons and colored them 🙂

After a lot of ‘research’, I came up with this design 🙂

The Final look 😀

Instructions available in Youtube

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23 thoughts on “[3D Origami]::The art of folding a paper 10::

  1. thanks a lot Farila, Renu and Himanshu 😀

    Glad you liked it 🙂

    sorry, I have never been to Mizoram.
    I have heard the place is beautiful, but don't know much abt food and eating habits.

  2. beautiful creations!!

    can I ask you a question? do you know anything about Mizorzam?..how is the place and food there?

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