::When Dupatta Slips::

I couldn’t help but share this enlightening post from my corporate blog. I thought these people ceased to exist or maybe he just missed his bus to the 17th century.

“Disclaimer: It’s purely my view and it’s not to hurt anyone (especially girls). 

Dupatta  – A thing which is discovered to maintain our Indian Tradition even when most of our girls turned to a Modern era. (Definition created by me :)) Just imagine a girl with a ‘Half-Saree’. Will anyone stare at that girl for a long time other than her face? Because it’s our tradition. I am not against Churidar’s, but how today’s girls (not all of them, a few are exceptional) are using it. The purpose of the Dupatta is not at all followed. All of them wear it around their necks. Is it the purpose for which it was found? And most of them use it to cover their face to maintain their complexion. Can’t they use umbrella to prevent it other than using the same Dupatta’s. I saw a girl, she was wearing Chudi and while walking her Dupatta slides and she adjusted it and this happens for nearly two or three times and on the next time when it slides, she opens her handbag and placed her Dupatta inside it and continued her journey. Really it hurts me. If you are not dressed up properly and if some guys misbehave with you, you have no rights to blame them. If you are perfect and some one misbehaves you have a right to blame them for their crime. When you are not perfect, how can you blame the others for being imperfect?  

Guys, who are reading this, please do say your friends, relatives or Girl fiends to wear the Dupatta properly to avoid a lot of confusions in the future.

And girls, who are reading this, please use the Dupatta for its purpose and not for Style or fashion. This article is not to blame girls but its came out of my social anger towards the society. For the girls who use it for the purpose deserves a Royal Salute from everyone.”


To which I replied:

Its not in the dress … it’s in the mind!!

Writer’s comment:
Thanks for all your comments or against my views. But in the post i didnt say anything about myself. Just think this, in the road side, if some girls are wearing like this, and guys (not all, but most) will be seeing them with out taking their eyes, even though the girls wont feel it and adjust the same. It raised my anger.. There is a famous quote “Kutram seithavana vida, seiya thoondunavanukku than thandanai athigam”. Hope u can get that. I am not here to argue against your comments.Also i dont want to get into detail. If you are not ready to accept it, i cant do anything. Its purely my view and it will never change because of your so and so against comments

My reply.

I won’t have argued with your more coz our thought process is totally different and i don’t expect you to change your views … but the quote you mentioned in Tamil really got me started. (Of course I asked for translation)

You know it is because of this mental attitude women are still suffering molestation/eve teasing. The same reason why people never sympathize with molested girl and often blame her … but who did it actually!!!

No one can force anyone to do things without their will. Gals don’t ogle at men in lungi tied till their knees … do they?
Just because some guy bursting with hormones decides not to limit his gaze only to face, mind you a duppata will never be helpful.
You can keep your views with you… but promoting it without understanding the pyschology behind it, is what I don’t accept.

He received many such comments.

I seriously thought we are moving into an enlightened era, until I came upon this post

17 thoughts on “::When Dupatta Slips::

  1. @aativas
    all the time
    thanks 🙂

    hey if you think that's my view, its not … just shared a post from my corporate blog 🙂
    I totally agree with all the points you said. Wish I could show him this post.
    thanks a lot 🙂

    yeah true 🙂
    thanks a lot 🙂

  2. @Swaram
    even I was surprised to see that coming from an educated guy.
    thanks 🙂

    long long way to go
    thanks 🙂

    @Defiant Princess
    // wearing salwar suits doesnt make you any less modern// I agree with that…
    what i wanted to convey was the freedom should always be there,
    and just because some people can't keep their thoughts in check, one should not be forced to dress the way other's want to.
    there is no justification for molestation or rape.
    thanks a lot 🙂

  3. @Insignia
    true, It's all in the mind.
    thanks a lot.

    @Cloud nine
    Glad to know your opinion.
    nothing's wrong with covering up, but the writer is blaming the girl for invoking the guy… he's trying to justify the lecherous thoughts that comes in the guy's mind, which is not acceptable.

    the answer is still vague 🙂

  4. start was good
    if some guys misbehave with you, you have no rights to blame them.

    when 90 year old grandma is raped who is at fault?

    when 2 year baby girl is raped who is at fault?

    I do not agree with you.

    Do u think girls who are wearing Sari are not raped?

    Do you think rape and abuse is new to India?

  5. Some of my friends argue they cannot "handle" the dupatta.. I say if you cannot wear the indian attire Being an Indian, then what are you?!
    Seriously, we need to come at terms with the fact that wearing salwar suits doesnt make you any less modern!

  6. I am always confused about Indian outfits for females and holier than thou attitude.

    Let us start with Saree. I would not consider a Saree an outfit that properly does the job. Most part of Saree is not used and critical part are transparent.

    Duppata is a pure fashion object. It is got no use in the big scheme of things. It is like a scarf. When wear kurta/pajama they also carry a thick scarf.

    Time to move on….

  7. Though i agree its in the mind, whats wrong in covering up properly? It really hurts to see girls flaunting their dupattas as stoles, face veils- baring the torso…Where are we heading to???
    And i love this honest post from a concerned person:) Thanks!!!

  8. Its funny! really funny! If one observes the material from which dupatta is made is most times light and transparent. how can that transparent piece of cloth cover the modesty that has already been covered by a decent attire!

    Its in the mind. Perverted minds would not even spare a mannequin!

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