::When Bones started Melting::

Nagpur – unbelievably scorching sun and Ice cold water … These are only things can come to my mind when I think of my visit.

I was someone who would get tonsillitis on drinking refrigerated water, but there I realized my capability to dig out ice like a caveman from the freezer and gulp down the icy melted water. Water bottles that were kept in freezer were my life and breath, cooler felt way better than AC and the evening loo was unbearable. As for afternoons, boy!!! the Blacksmith classes near the raging furnace now feel like Siberia in comparison.

One fine afternoon, we decided to go for shopping. You see the word shopping has the power to erase all traces of common-sense, common-sense to not to go out in that burning sun.

Our journey commenced. AC in the car failed to make its presence. After 15 minutes we came across railway crossing, which as the fate may be was closed for an approaching train.

As soon as the car stopped, I was afraid that it would blow up any minute by the inside temperature that was soaring exponentially.

Far away, near the horizon, I saw the train whistling merrily {umm not that merrily}, running at the speed of 5 cm per hour. I had this urge to run and pull the train and make it cross the junction. 

And Gosh !!! it wasn’t a passenger train, but a good’s train, with bogeys that refused to stop appearing. I lost the count after 55.

To divert my attention from heat, a ridiculous thought indeed, I clicked reflections, cycle, people on cycle, bullock cart, bull …

By that time, I was pretty sure I would need a bucket to carry all my bones that had started melting.

The radio started playing “Ghungroo ki tarah, bajta hi raha mai”.
Ghungroo ka patina, Garmi ne bajadi meri.

12 thoughts on “::When Bones started Melting::

  1. even I was under heat attack when I was on mini tour down south..
    begumpet-narsaraopet (in andhra) were so hot that I think water we drank never got absorbed..it must have evaporated before that..

    then reaching chennai was better as there was humidity…coming from mumbai ..humidity is tolerable compared to dry heat of places like nagpur, hyderabad..etc

    chennai visit(for 12 hrs) was wasted as guindy national park was closed on tuesday and marina beach was far away from airport ..

  2. Haha! Garmi ne bajadi meri! xD

    Its the same everywhere. *sigh*

    PS – Take a look at my creation at times. Left the name hyperlinked to the blog 🙂

  3. Dont listen to anyone above .. it is still india .. Come ot UK its beautifulll here .. he he he he 🙂

    I had gone ot india about 4-5 years ago for a wedding in June and OMG.. not again .. I was loosing weight by the bucketsss there


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