::Waste to Wonder – Terra Psyches::

We had Bay decoration competition and the theme was – Waste to Wonder.  We too participated, was myself amazed by all the beauties we created out of waste available in our runners.

Our Team name was Terra Psyches πŸ˜€ And we got the first Prize

A glimpse…

It looks like a Voodoo Doll
Made of plastic bootle cap, marriage card and torn duppatta seams

I love making these Japanese Dolls kind of bookmarks. 
This one is made of Marriage Invitation cards and gift wrapper.

A silver butterfly
Made of Paper Plate :

Made of magazines πŸ˜€


Pingu, the Penguin
I Used to fill our drawing room with these little things πŸ˜€
the art came handy that day πŸ˜€

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