::Of Frog Princess and Pareshan Mummy::

Making of a Frog Princess
My sister is one unique character. Yesterday, she reached the veterinary hospital, as usual decked up like a Safari hunter. Suddenly she felt something moving in her left feet. Scared and squirming, she jumped here and there, gathering quite a crowd around her. The doctor, her mentor, asked her to remove the shoe, and when she did, out came a Frog, of regular size. 😀 The doctor kept wondering how she didn’t feel it all the way from home to hospital. 
Seem the frogs just refuse to let go off my sister. 😀 Well how can they when she’s planning to harvest frogs in the house. Wow!! Mom would be so delighted, as if the three creatures (that’s us) she raised weren’t enough. What exactly she finds fascinating in tadpoles will always remain a mystery to me and I have no intention of venturing further into the topic. 
Mummy ki Phulwari
Here’s a glimpse of my Mom’s pyaari pyaari phulwari (flower garden). After all she needs to keep herself sane among all the insanity that goes around her – sister with hands spelling like pig, bro asking finance for his Nikki welfare (Nikki is dog btw), Maini (my 8 year old cousin) and Dad fighting over the remote, Mommy dear definitely needs to be surrounded by this 
Clicked during my last vacation.

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