::Ten on Tuesday::

Last week was totally hot-n-happening for me. I enjoyed a really long weekend starting from Wednesday. After working like Donkey of Java-Ghats, I definitely deserved compensation leave πŸ˜€

Wednesday was spent munching bread dipped in creamy cheese, blogging and farming. Hah no physical exercise, my double chin is going to turn into double cheek one day.

On Thursday I clicked clouds for about 2 hours near the railway station waiting for my friend. They looked gorgeous. Finished Wilbur Smith’s Gold Mine in the 6 hrs travel from Chennai to Bangalore.

Is there anything more blissful than bike ride in the rain after a delightful shopping spree?

Yes, there is … snuggled beneath a tarpaulin shelter of a small chat stall and having Bhel Puri, as the rain lash the city.

Went for a walk in Lalbagh … that must have compensated for my Wednesday’s cheesy treats.

One of my post was picked as the top humour post for last month in my Corporate blog world.

My entry for Shadow Shot Sunday was picked by Hey Harriet in her Shadow gallery. Small achievements but mean so much to me πŸ˜€

I realized my poetry and this blog, both are turning into photo blogs. I don’t know whether that’s a good sign or bad {confused smiley}

I smile, rant and sometimes fret,
Raspy truths, poetry and tales twisted,
Oh look the blabber count just reached Two hundred.

10 thoughts on “::Ten on Tuesday::

  1. wowo the picture looks lovely and now the congrats on the 200th and your post getting picked for top humour post , and your enteries at other sites tooo

    it indeed is hot and happening for you .. Keep it up and congrats once again


  2. It is my first visit here and I totally enjoyed reading your post. Liked the honesty with which you talked about double chin and double cheek and loved the pic of the floating clouds.

    You've got yourself a follower!

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