::Sister vs Kung fu Cow::

The weather that day had just the right amount of zaniness … As the clock struck 8 and the sun got busy with its usual routine that it had been carrying  out for say a million years, my sister was all set to take over her patients, usually furry- smelly and have 4 legs.

But what she didn’t realize, as she walked out of the gate, that she was going to kick (or rather get kicked by ) some real action.

Things were going pretty slow at Jorhat Veterinary Hospital when an urgent call came for a case that involved a Holstein Friesian (don’t be amused by the fancy name, it’s a cow). The poor animal was suffering from Babesiosis.

Now now again, don’t be misled by the first five letters of this word … Believe me it’s not as delightful as it sounds. The more you read about it – here – , the more you will wish that this Babe thing never hits you or your cow.

In layman’s word, the cow’s urine will contain blood. The picture that she clicked was enough to make my stomach somersault. I am not gonna put that here, in case you guys decide to present me the Yuckiest blog award.


So my dear sister, armed with her weaponry, reached the owner’s place.

For the uninitiated, let me explain how to give an injection to a cow. You first need to identify the muscle and then slam the needle near the hind legs of the cow, just like you do on a Dart board. Of course the cow won’t stay still after that, you need to tie her head very tightly (but don’t kill her). And then press the syringe so the medicine flows into the nerve. Veterinarians – please forgive my unsophisticated description.

So my lithesome sister was able to slam the needle, but since the Cow wasn’t tied properly, it started a Kung fu dance of its own. Front kick, Back kick, head- bang (the painful kind) … sister was cornered in the cow-shed by this courageous powerful Master of Cow-Kung fu.

Rescue came in the shape of the owner, who pulled its tail. Just as the cow’s attention was distracted, Sister pressed the syringe.

Whew .. luckily she didn’t receive any power hoof-punch (or I could have got some more masala for my story), Unluckily she had to give the injection on the other side of the cow too.

So again started the Cow’s Kung fu dance, sister’s Bachao dance, and the owner’s what-the-heck-is-going-on-dance.

All in all, some action packed day for her.


This docile looking creature, is the Kung fu Cow

And that’s my sister.  Oh yeah she know’s sewing too. She can sew a Goat’s ear to perfection.

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  1. Oh my! I couldn't imagine using a needle on an animal!
    Hey but my mom works at a Veterinary university in Tamilnadu…so when I was young, have been to the hospital and college, where they do treat all animals..
    Your sis is great Raji! Being a veterinary doctor is no easy job..It's pure and divine than the normal doctors'!

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