::Beasty and the Beast::

** I was really bogged down by a persistant bug in my code when I came up with this story. No wonder its about Beasts 😛

Only One hundred and Two!!! Beastra was dumfounded. Disappointed. 102!! That’s pathetic. That’s insanely unromantic. Uncaring. Un… Un… worlds failed him. As he saw his fellow Beastmates grinning broadly, showing off their sharp canines, he couldn’t help but wonder if she really loved him.
The numbers kept increasing as one by one his friends started receiving BeastMails and when Beaststone announced his four figure number, Beastra’s little heart sank in gloom and hurt.

A drop of tear fell on his offer letter from Monsters Inc, which now didn’t offer any joy to him.

The College of Ferocious Females, where Beasty, Beastra’s girlfriend, studied, had a surprise test on “Devilious ways to get rid of Boyfriend Snatcher”. Beasty could come up with only a hundred two points. She knew this would break Beastra, but she couldn’t help it. Her flirtatious heart kept fluttering over the invigilator, a Beast-Brawl Champion, though she very well knew that no one could beat Beastra in Beastliness.

“Steal the new girl’s best horn-rings or tail-klets”

“Transform into his new girlfriend and go out with him”
“Send her poison apples”
Ohh for God’s Sake, that’s craptacular the points she wrote are way below 2nd grade and in which universe sending poison apples is ferocious. Beastra growled in exasperation.

The more he read, the more he felt like bursting in frustration.

He thought of confronting her.

She was giggling and smiling and batting her eyelids, while the Beast-Brawl Champion flexed his iron muscles.

Beastra’s horn glowed in anger, deep red, as he saw the two in the deserted corridor of Unnamed Palace. Heat started rising in his enormous body.

Sheeeshhh she is acting like a wretched Princess of Pityland. A disgrace to the whole Beast-female community and that son of a Beast … Beastra’s eyes burned like ember.

Too bad he didn’t attend “How to tear up a competitor?” class this summer.

Though angry, he felt dejected. Is this the end?

Beasty hadn’t seen him for a while. Though she had often found herself swamped by a horde of Beastsome Beasts, her heart always searched for the Beastliness that only Beastra possessed. After the hundred two debacle, she wasn’t sure if Beastra would ever be her again.

But as the rumors of Beastra going out with the Runner’s up of Bristolive Miss Feisty competition, started doing the rounds, she thought of confronting him.

She was giggling and smiling and batting her eyelids, while the Beastly Beastra flexed his iron muscles.

Beasty’s perfectly trimmed horns glowed in anger, deep red, as she saw the two in the deserted corridor of Love-lorn Palace. Heat started rising in her body.
She stormed into her room. Growling and spitting fire. How dare that chit of a beast try taking her place. A plan needs to be charted. She will get him back.

The shadow of the night reflected the darkness with which she sketched various plots.


The horizon gleamed bright when Beasty wrote point five thousand seven hundred and twenty six. “Freeze her in a Sticky Caramel of Chocolate Sugar and sell to the Museum of Unwanted Beasts

Tough times require tough measures, she thought and added one more point to her Devilish Ways to get rid of Beastra Snatcher

Point- five thousand seven hundred and twenty seven. Continued from point 5726 , make sure the caretakers of Museum of Unwanted Beasts throw her in the cage of Giant metal-teeth Ants.” 

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  1. whooaaaaaa looks like after HARRY POTTER, LORD OF THE RINGS and TWILIGHT we now have BEASTLY STORIES coming up
    i hope you continue this in a series… want to know wat happ to be beasty and beastra 😀 😀 😀

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