::The Millennial Princess::

I too am a Princess of a fairy tale, but neither locked in a castle nor to be rescued by a charming prince, living in a world of Rapunzels who fly down the highest tower, planning an escapade on their shimmering golden hair and of Snow Whites clever enough not to trust strangers. Rumpelstiltskins have long gone into hiding while gnomes are wary of mischief.

“I tamed the fire spitting dragon, O Prince, and kicked the witch out. My glory is no less than yours.“
Being fragile is so last century, Fiona guides the rulebook now.

Treading on strange lands, sashaying over the miracles of life, learning to embroider dreams beneath moonless sky – sometimes I fight Trolls, sometimes nurse a heart.

Fairy Godmother has voluntarily retired. But she did teach the principles well.
Princesses don’t walk on pyre of Dreams, be it theirs or other’s and clutches can be turned to ashes. And guess where the magic lays – Of course, the Glass-Shoe of Cinderella fame. You just need to know how to use it.

And in this fairy tale too, enchantment of Love remains intact – the magical aura emanating from each heart binds the spell.

Rising to a new dawn, twirling to the rhythm of an everlasting song of liberty, I string together the frames of my smile and bask in the radiance of my happily-ever after.


Bereft of misery and oppression, this too, my friend , is a voice of today’s women.


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