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Update Aug 2020: I remember writing this poem on my old computer that my Dad had bought for me when I was in Class XI. The CPU was extremely slow and I barely managed to keep one application running without further slowing it down. I wrote this love shape poem for a corporate contest on Valentine’s day. The deadline was fast approaching. I was on vacation at that time, visiting my family in Assam. We did not have internet access at home.

I quickly drew this visual in MS Paint and arranged the words to look like a couple in love. I then managed to get the jpeg on my phone and sent it to my colleague from my phone. Those were days of very slow internet connection as well. I wasn’t even sure if it was sent until she confirmed.

I had almost forgotten about this shape poem until today. It reminded me of the time when I experimented with many poetry types and shape poetry was (is still) one of my favorites.

And I realized that,
a Prince doesn’t ride a white horse,
neither does he have to be a valiant warrior
to sweep you off your feet
But when solitary shadows creep in,
his presence outshines the lonliness

when my hands tremble with chills
of time,
he holds them in eternal grasp
wrapping me in warm and strong embrace

love shape poem

Love shape poem

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Love Shape Poem

21 thoughts on “Love, divine | Shape Poem

  1. Oh that was lovely .. I am glad to have come across your space through this rally .. Your shape pf the poem ""( which includes words ) made me spellbound ! It was beautiful .. and I agree we dream of Prince Charming , but then , in hearts , we all want the one who could hold our hand during difficult times πŸ™‚

  2. what a beautiful verse.. I loved the pink heart and the voyage too πŸ™‚
    The entire presentation of this post is so awesome πŸ˜€

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend

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