::Of Wonders, Blunders and Quack Quacks::

And that answers it

I saw this guy crossing the road. Rapidly hopping and skipping, as the vehicles furiously rushed past him. Unbothered by the flurry of traffic he crossed the road in no time. As he neared, the caption on his T-shirt caught my eyes – Quick Silver.

I was sitting with this girl in a jam-packed share auto, who was reading a book or rather her eyes were glued to it. Unaffected by the rickety journey, oblivious to passengers getting down, the bookworm in her was rampantly ‘chewing’ up the pages. As I was about to get down, out of curiosity I glanced at the title of the book – Never Stop Learning. That answers it.

Blunder of Blunders

I sometimes make huge blunders while talking, whether its English, Hindi or Assamesse.
One fine day I called my friend after a long time. After the initial high pitched hellos and hi’s,
I asked, “ Tou tere papa sab kaise hai ” which loosely translates to
“How are all your fathers?”. :S
Imagine the horror

Then the other day I was talking about my mother’s family.
“My mom has 6 sisters, and each one is having ONE husband.“ My friends burst out laughing. Imagine my embarrassment!!!!
May be I should stop solving all those mathematic puzzles that I get as forwards – like one sage is having 4 wives and each wife is having seven cats ….

Was I possessed by the God of blunders !!!

Quack quack

Dr. Sister is roaming all over the Jorhat town, treating cats and dogs, cows and goats. While I was on vacation, I lent her my camera. {The pictures are too gross to be published for the non-veterinary community}

One day she came back with pictures of a bloody Duck and Cow.
“uuggghhh Did you kill them?”, I asked
“Naah I was treating them.”
“What’s the difference!!! I hope you didn’t spill anything on my camera?”
“ummmm I happen to. It was just a drop of duck’s blood”, she said grinning viciously
“The blood of duck’s rectum I mean”
“Gawk!!!!!!!!”. My eyes were no longer in the socket

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  1. i think the best rule to follow is to think in the language you want to express yourself. i find myself committing more grammatical errors when i write or talk in english while thinking in my native language.

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