::Heels that Kills::

My sister has this huge collection of footwear starting from flats to colourful ballerinas to killing heels … If only my feet weren’t so dwarf-like and if only I wasn’t a gauche in carrying them, I would have flicked two or three pairs

Ohhhh these boots swept me off my feet… Irresistible… adorable 😀 … and I fell in love all over again … but soon I realized what one sided love feels like …I could hardly walk 20 steps in those without staggering and slipping. Somehow made it to the dressing-table and Oh My!!! they looked amazing but as the fate may be, these dumb things ruthlessly rejected me … while my sister got another opportunity to show off … “Di, I can even run in those … ” bah airhead!!! Ohh my poor broken little heart!!!

I did manage to wear one of these in my Mahi’s wedding, and believe me I could do a better river-crossing than stride on heels. My calf muscles were killing me and the little finger on my right foot just went numb.

Lesson: Style over comfort is never advisable. I tried telling that to my sister and she retorted back in phoren accent “Di, these are not made for you … why don’t you try the Grandmother’s section!!! ”. Kids these days !!! {rolling eyes}

Wanna see my latest buys … I call it – The level zero collection … my sister would have termed it – Below my level collection.

How can God be so unfair? I left a piece of my heart in my sister’s shoe-rack.

18 thoughts on “::Heels that Kills::

  1. Your sis is a lucky girl, Raj! At times, I too wish I could confidently carry off those towering heels, but then, I give importance to my back, and slip on my sneakers! 🙂

  2. i feel the same way about my sister's shoe collection 😀 my feet are hideous, i have a feeling i might have to get married wearing Converse because they're so broad

  3. I am ALL FOR SHOES!! Any kind!! 🙂 with over 50 pairs, I can never say no to another one… hehehe
    Ofcourse when it comes to heels, just a coupla inches is fine by me 🙂
    But mojris continue to take my breath away… :))
    Unfortunately, I too have baby-feet… 🙁 So choosing footwear for me is a HUGE task!! (sigh)

    Loved your sister's shoes though!!

  4. Oh I am totally like you in this case!!! Whenever I wear heels I feel it would be my last day on earth! 😀

    But ur sis has a good collection for sure 🙂

  5. Poor thing! Definitely never compromise comfort for style. I do have some pencil heels and boots but I wear them once in a while. They are not meant for everyday wear and with our commute and the condition of the roads; they are best used when you dont have to walk wearing them for long

  6. last words: awesome!

    And your sister's collection sounds *sigh* lovely.

    I love heels too, but i prefer the comforts of flats or wedge heels. I dont want to be introduced to the earth unceremoniously. 😛

  7. we both share the same emotion my girl.

    I wish i would walk around in those heels i gawk at while window shopping. I wonder how these celebs dance for hours wearing those.

    New in here. wud like your comments and if good enuff a follow up 🙂

    keep bloggin, keep writing.


  8. Hehe! I am comfortable with heels, but I prefer platform rather than the pencil one! :p

    I like it simple and elegant, just like the middle pair from your "Level Zero Collection" 🙂

  9. Hahaha…poor you! But count yourself blessed…Less heels means more comfort and less back pain later on:) Be comfortable in what makes you comfortable. As for the shoe fetish, do some window shopping and RIP…Amen!

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