::A Song of Eternal Wait::

Across the wild velvet moor, when delicate bluebells yawn
near crystal rill, a belle sings, on each bright summer morn.

humming songs of eternal wait,crouched on gravel brown
painting memories of yesters,long after sundown,

though several summers have passed ,since the day of his no-return,
still ‘neath flickering promises, lingers lullabies of nocturne.

Swept by time, one fateful day,a stony silence ensued
there fell the last solitary tear, of love, hurt, and an adieu.

but they say, across the moor,when delicate bluebells yawn,
still echoes a mellifluous song, on each bright summer morn.

32 thoughts on “::A Song of Eternal Wait::

  1. when delicate bluebells yawn,

    a delightful turn of phrase. I love this…so charming, yet poignant. Hugs, pathttp://patcegan.wordpress.com/2012/08/20/i-am-my-choices/

  2. What intense imagery! Love, wait, yearn… the way you expressed is just fabulous. Overall a mind blowing read!

    I love your blog template.. 🙂

    Hugs xx

  3. Hi Rajlakshmi, lovely poem you have. Describing hope, acceptance yet still hoping. I think that's why I like spring – it brings hope and it signifies the start of a new year 🙂

  4. When I started reading, I was thinking that this again was one among those standard eternal wait poem. But I had to change my opinion as I read through your poem line by line 🙂 . I liked it very much, especially the ending part of it 🙂

  5. Wow.
    A beautiful poem. It remindedly quite strongly of the great poets of old. A great read.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  6. Breathtaking! Beautiful sadness… It's like a song indeed… A song about longing. Ahh just love it! 😉

  7. meri tragedy queen ne koi horror movie dekh li kyaa 😛 😛 😛 😛
    massttt aaya poem 😀 i jus loved the blue bells line.. kittaaaa cute lagta hai sunne n padhne mein 😀

    awesome imagery as always 😀

  8. Such a poignant summery thoughts Rah…:(

    i love the bluebells, the humming songs and the lullabies of nocturne and that wild velvet moor…

    but the happiness suddenly got a halt..life is like that and we still wait for a new dawn, hopeful!


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