Shape Poetry::Symphony of Love::

Shape poem
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shape poem

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Lemonade sunbeams dance to a melody of life,

But still, in your absence,
the wild blossoms mock
my sepia colored solitary trance.
Zephyr tease with each
cold wisp of unfamiliar touch,
emotions surge in a passion filled waltz
And I, ‘neath the shadow of tingling hope,
wait for time to halt at the moment when
our fingers would entwine,
splashing back colors to our lovelorn time frame.

Was the moon this delightfully bright or is it you?
Winking amidst Silver Star trails,
smiling as the two hearts embraced –
rapturous symphony of love,
I snug close to the warmth
of our togetherness,
sewing shimmers across
 the borders of our dreams.

I wrote this for our Corporate Blog’s Valentine’s Day Contest.

** I usually don’t rhyme my shape poetries. It’s more like a free verse. And for a change, MS Paint was a great help.


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