[Photo blog]::The Taste of Southern India – Kanyakumari::

Waving rice fields, gushing waterfalls, glorious sunsets … I got a taste of all of it last weekend … 3 days well spent in the southermost part of India – covering Thirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Thenmalai …

DAY 1 – Saturday

Clicked Near Nagercoil

At Kanyakumari … πŸ˜€
Wooohooo I finally visited the southermost tip of India. After reading so much about the place in our geography text books … I couldn’t hide my excitement when I actually saw these beautiful structures …
Sailing towards the Rock …

A view of Thiruvalluvar Rock from Vivekananda Rock.
Another view

At Vivekananda Rock

Where the three Seas Meet

I was waiting for this one moment … to watch the sun go beyond the horizon… too bad it disappeared among the clouds just above it …
This is the best I could capture πŸ™‚
Photos – Clicked by my N73 and Digi Cam.
To be continued

14 thoughts on “[Photo blog]::The Taste of Southern India – Kanyakumari::

  1. The sunset is the best in kanyakumari.. i hear the sands are unique and different, something due to the changing colors.. i am yet to visit them. nice photos..

  2. those are wonderful pics Rajlakshmi πŸ™‚ especially the thiruvalluvar stautue from vivekananda rock… Its been quite sometime since I have visited the place… πŸ™ πŸ™

  3. Amazing shots Lakshmi! Enjoying gazing through your lens!
    Loved the first one the most — with lush green field and deep blue sky are remarkable, with the sketched mountains as backdrop!!
    Have been to kanyakumari years back, but never witnessed a sunrise or sunset!!

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