[Origami]::Art of folding a paper 3 ::

The folds still need a lot of improvement … this is the outcome of my first try 😀 …  Roxy & Bloxy
Instructions are available here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tosnC1D1QNY

Dil bole boom bomm :D
I made the golden one from a marriage invitation card and the second one from wrapping paper.
Had a hard time searching for the instructions of this one… finally found it in Flicker.
Please click on the image for better view.
Little Hearts 
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14 thoughts on “[Origami]::Art of folding a paper 3 ::

  1. hehe.. hey.. nice.. even i like origami… n i hav posted the fotos of my creations.. khe khe khe…

    let me know if u need expert advice 😉 😀


    haf fun……..

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