::Looking Back::

A year passed by …. it’s time for realizations, again … Strange how my mind is somehow automated to this process… If this process has been bi-monthly or quarterly, I guess my rating on being a good girl would have been even better No wonder Santa never shows up at my door.
Thumbs down

Apart from getting crowned as ‘stingiest elder sister’ and lecturing my siblings on ‘Don’ts’, I haven’t done much on that front.

Last year I took a total of 15 days vacation leave (april and sept) out which I stayed at home for 10 days. Now compare that to 365 days … I am such a lousy daughter

I realized, that love isn’t all about candle night dinners and red roses, that love can bring the strongest emotion in you…. that matters related to heart needs to be tread carefully. Better late than never.

If my temper loses all its restraint, I actually grow Dracula teeth and Demon horns. And the closest are the worst sufferers. I have been a very bad girl in that front too.
Since Gemini’ans exhibit dual nature, beside being short tempered, I have been a cry baby – a lethal combination to scare any sane person. Blame my zodiac. I am innocent {blink blink}

Couldn’t Vote!!!

‘Farmers’ at work, farming at home, blogging in between. That can actually describe the whole year. Whaata routine !!!

Thumbs Up

I used to wonder how people fall in love, all over again {with the same person that is } … and then realized , I too do. And everytime it feels like time stopped – just for you {yeah yeah viloins playing … showers of flowers … all that stuff actually happens}

I used to be a painfully-embarrassingly shy girl … I don’t talk much … but the blogger meets that we have been having has somewhat changed me in that aspect. Ummm how many would say yes to that I wonder .
I travelled a lot last year – Apart from the usual Guwahati – Dibrugarh – Jorhat routine, Shillong, Kodaikanal, Bangalore, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram got featured in my list.

I finally had Sushi – it was one of the points in my bucket list. Never gonna try raw diet again … Ever again.

Workplace was a lot more fun than the previous year with numerous pizza treats, outing, games and luncheons.

Blog awards, recognition, blog-friends, blogger’s meet – wherever we were, fun followed.

Hike and promotion – Relief!!!!

Managed to do something new to break the routine – Origami and drawing.

Resolution for this year — cutting down the thumbs down list


8 thoughts on “::Looking Back::

  1. I just realized Santa is a fantasy coz he didn't even show-up on the Gates of Vatican this year so here goes the list that tells you about the wonderful side of me…. continue! pls. 🙂

  2. Stop being so harsh on your self in the thumbs down list…

    Awesome travel list gal….

    Do violins actually play…??? When will I get to hear violins… 😛

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