::Blogger to the core::

I’m incurably suffering from blog-excessive disorder.

It’s so bad that I am planning to sue Facebook and Zygna for not creating Blogsville (a la farmville) … C’mon that’s partiality … hhmmmppp.

No matter what’s served on the plate … my camera needs to taste it first. While the hungry gang impatiently waits for me to complete my clicking spree.

Clicking is not just limited to food. Cows grazing, crows romancing, dogs growling, cats mewing – each moment of their personal life is splashed across the blog space to be viewed and commented by the human world. I am scared that one day my N73 would spring legs and drown itself in Bay of Bengal.

I have realized that relationship reaches new high for now you no longer fight with your bf/gf over trivial matters. Their antics inspire you to write on. Even if you are getting ditched for Deshdrohi or made to carry all the shopping bags,fretting isn’t the trend … blogging is.

Blogger’s meet is the talk of the town. It’s absolutely comforting to meet real people as crazy as you and who talk the same crazy language.

My Facebook friend list has more blogger friends.

The week usually starts with Musical Monday, going to Ten on Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Challenge on Thursday or sometimes I visit the Thursday Rally, Friday is Fun, Six words of Saturday , ending with Sunday Rally dispatch.

And no you won’t miss any of it, coz you are not the only one following this calendar 😀 some have even more hectic schedule than mine.

I have forgotten the demarcation of Day or and night. I don’t remember which starts when… and Dear Mr Sun has nothing to do with defining them.

Writer’s Block is ghastly … brrrr even the word itself is scaarrryyy … the most horrible thing that can happen to any blogger. If I don’t post for consecutive 3 days I lose my sleep.
** There are a hundred more points… but as of now this is enough…
So whats your story??


16 thoughts on “::Blogger to the core::

  1. This really addictive.Now it is early morning 7.00 and i am blogging,so can make out how addictive i am.

    My kids are so used of me clicking pics that each everything they notice on the road they tell me amma pic for ur blog….

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