[3D Origami- Swan]::Art of folding a paper::

Finally โ€ฆits completed โ€ฆ My 3D Origami Swan is ready for display ๐Ÿ˜€ This one really gave me sleepless night. After struggling for almost a week, I completed it day before yesterdayโ€ฆ by the time I slept, it was past 3 am.


The steps are absolutely simple โ€ฆ only glitch is โ€“ you need to make 484 pieces of triangles. My roomie is going crazy for I made her cut paper at midnight

Btw I didnโ€™t use any fresh paper for making the swan โ€“ flight tickets, movie tickets, rent receipt, tax forms โ€“ not only mine but my cubicle mates, flat-mates and biker.


The credit goes to youtube for providing the instruction video.


** Sorry for poor photography โ€ฆ In my excitement I couldnโ€™t keep the camera straight

26 thoughts on “[3D Origami- Swan]::Art of folding a paper::

  1. Oh my god.. you are a pro.. i have never gone past a simple box or a flower.. all kids stuff.. this looks so intimidating to me.. great work.. looks neat!

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