::Rickety Hickey Hovercraft::

Ahh the Rains!!! A respite from mindblowingly scorching sun and foggy dust of smoke. If you are residing in Chennai, you will be aware of the fact that the sun never loses its awesomeness here.

Besides the usual advantages, one even gets an exclusive offer to specialize in swimming and rowing, absolutely free free free … just beware of the numerous pits dug across the city for god knows what reason … and why they started the work when its very well known that rain will hit the city in these months.

If the fear of nausea has prevented you from riding rollercoaster rides in amusement parks, this is the best chance to get a feel of that amazing jumpety jumpety feeling … the only after effect is a thumbing headache that you might have felt on finding a bug hidden in your tester’s-pride-owner’s – plight code.

It was in this season that I got once in a monsoon-time opportunity to experience the feel of travelling in a hovercraft. Nothing fancy and no technological breakthrough… our share autos have been brilliantly designed to cope with flood or hide tide… you would be amazed by their flexibility and adaptability to glide through craters and landscape( that can be compared only with those on Mars) .

{how the newly constructed road converted into craters after the first rain it received, only the contractor can explain}

If ever you had to migrate to other celestial bodies, Autorikshaw is all you need.

Coming back to my hovercraft experience, nature looks ruthlessly beautiful with water water everywhere, and not piece of land in sight.

Kabhi left, kabhi right, kabhi aage, kabhi peeche, kabhi upar, kabhi neeche

Often my reverie would be broken by a bump on the head , a splash by another hovercraft or the usual ghadlab ghadlab sound of the vehicle.

One common characteristic I noticed in this transportation medium is that as soon as it hits the road devoid of any water, it assumes the role of Ferrari, running in full throttle, screaming through the crowd of similar screaming vehicles.

While the passengers like me, who were cursing their hair for turning in to Medusa’s crown, were glad that they were still breathing … even after suffering severe attacks on their head and back.

The respite came, when I reached my destination. Room Sweet Room.

11 thoughts on “::Rickety Hickey Hovercraft::

  1. Hello Rajlakshmi! So very nice to meet you. I didn't know which blog to go to, so I will start here and then someday go to read your wonderful poetry I caught a glimpse of. I was telling my husband how much I LOVE food from India and eat it everyday. Well at least I could. I constantly crave it.

    The rains must be a good thing, Is it warm there this time of year?

    Happy Holidays !

  2. i thought only mumbai roads were like this…

    yup. ricks are like mini-ferrari's making them in red color would be icing on cake..

    there its raining..
    out here its chilling cold.. 18 degrees… ssshhhiiivvveeerrrsss

  3. I know the Chennai Heat…….Spent 3 years of my education there…And rains can be bad tooo in Chennai, Best rains are in Kerala. It doesnt flood and nature looks pristine and virgin.

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