[Random]::Paper, Scissor, Rock::

=> I am definitely gonna get sued by the poultry community for my insatiable hunger for chicken dumplings and KFC leg pieces

=> I finally had sushi at Akasaka restaurant in chennai. It was good but not as delicious as they show in Korean serials. Those who don’t like sea food – STAY AWAY … your appetite may suffer an incurable assault.

=> I have learned to keep my lips zipped when scrolling through kitchen and stationary items. Sometimes even I am surprised by the incredible display of my stupidity. The last straw was when I was proudly describing a thing as a paper puncher which actually was a stamp pad for kids.

=> Biker would often enquire – Are you really that stupid or do you act like one

=> Sad is a word too less to describe the content of my poetry… its pitiable, gloomy, depressing, miserable and all other synonyms. I have always been struggling to write a happy happy poem … but somehow the train of thoughts takes the course of Remorse-land and never leaves from there. This is a reason why I have stopped posting them here. C’mon I don’t want to pose as an insufferable cry baby.

My poem goes are published in The Poetry Wagon … my other blog.

Oh btw way those who missed – I did a shape poetry, republishing it here.

Click on the image for better view

As for the title – nevermind 😉


7 thoughts on “[Random]::Paper, Scissor, Rock::

  1. Totally totally agree to the sad poem syndrome! hmph..I have the same problem.. to top it all I just can't seem to write a happy poem at all!! I can write poems only when am sad!

    🙂 and shape poetry is a novelty for me! Seeing it for the first time, kudos to you!

  2. Wow, it's my first time seeing a shape poetry. Liked the concept. 🙂

    "I was proudly describing a thing as a paper puncher which actually was a stamp pad for kids." – LOL! 😀

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