::No Money, Honey:: {Parody}

Here’s the video of the original Lyrics – Money Money Money by Abba

And here’s my totally bakwas parody

No Money, honey

I code all day, I fix all bug
to finally sleep on a comfy rug

ain’t it sad

still the bugs seem to be,
mocking my sanity,
thats too bad

And then I,
sketch a plan
to shift+del the,
testing man

I wouldnt’ have to bang my head
to earn the meager butter bread
Money Money money
never funny
in the bug filled world
Money Money money
always running
in the bug filled world

waaahhhaaaaa aaahaaaa

All the time I could sleep
If I had money a little money
in the bug filled world

in the bug filled world.

{In case you are wondering … ya my stability went for a toss :P}

6 thoughts on “::No Money, Honey:: {Parody}

  1. ufff sahi bolte hai ,, jitna bhi do insaan ka pet bharta hi nai 😛

    Nice parody 😀 I almost imagined you hopping n singing and swirling singling all this hiihihihhiih 😀

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