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Month end reminds me of just one thing – empty pockets. With credit card bills soaring high, the temptation of shopping almost impossible to curb and a deep hole in the bank balance, one wishes to have some extra source of income. And if you are an active blogger who’s passion is writing on a variety of topics, then even better.
There are various sites that help in blogging for money where you can share your views and earn revenue too, like this space received for some of the posts. Yousaytoo is one such revenue earning platform. It can even help in increasing readership to your existing blogs as a feature to add your blogs from wordpress , blogger and other blogging space in addition to the option of adding a new blog in the site is available.
There’s another amazing feature to add flash games. People who are passionate about gamming can utilize this to review and upload free flash games and simultaneously earn some extra bucks. Check out Boxhead 2 and age of war for more information.
If you want blogging and earning go hand in hand then  you can start with this site.

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