::X for Xenophobia::

People love to hate, to spew venom and splash acidic sarcasm on any subject that is remotely successful in displaying a weak link … and if the weakest link is as glaring as the mindless mediocrity of Ekta’s K series, not even God can save it. I would give plus one to Rakhi ka Insaaf, for bringing forward the case of a molested women {Haven’t watched much of the strength of her Insaaf, so no more comments}.

Let’s leave all the hatred towards books and serials and mannerism aside, and venture into an old and ancient kind of hatred… Man hating Man – and we even have got a name for it – Xenophobia, synonyms are – Racism, Racial intolerance, chauvinism, dislike for foreigners.

If Racism and foreigners combine to form Australians in your mind, then erase it. We are going to talk about us. We have got enough Foreign states to handle – For Marathi Manush, all the other Indians are foreigners, for South Indians – all North Indians are foreigners, for ULFA – all hindi speaking lot are foreigners, and for India – the whole of Northeast is a foreign land.

How much we hate each other – fighting over a piece of land and valentine’s card, on ideologies and religion, on caste and status and shamefully – till today on gender. I guess the bird of peace is an extinct species in India. We are not divided into states, but into individuals – each hating the other one.

Scholars say education and modernization will heal these issues, but isn’t the graph taking a dip. Will an Upper Caste hug a Dalit? Will the moral police stop hitting women who drink? So much hatred and insensitivity is enveloping us even after a decade into 21st Century.

We all love India, no doubt about that, but do we love all Indians? I know Xenophobia may sound too strong and harsh in some cases … but then how far are we from it?

Written for Z-A challenge by Leo

12 thoughts on “::X for Xenophobia::

  1. hmm good good i always maintain that human being was the worst to happen to the planet earth..

    we are the worst.. and what did i read dislike for fereigners wowo
    i thought we beleive in athithi bhavo something .. i have written and can still write posts on this topic so i will stop here ..

    WE the INDIANS are far worst racist people.. we got no right to say it about other countries and that is for sure and a Fact..

    and yeh the words XENOPHOBIA suits us fine…


  2. very good points raj. we have divided human civilisations into smallest segments and have turned most of them against each other.

    we should shun this habit and start to accept differences with love and tolerance.


  3. couldn't stop reacting to this.
    i was thinking the same thing yesterday when i saw sharmila chanu's 10 year old struggle in tv.
    discrimination exists. i am dalit. i know. but if we each can delete it from our mind, may be it'll all die soon.
    appreciate u for writing this.

  4. yes its so true ;we are so divided and have this"inferiority "feeling towards each other may it be north/south indian or " dalit "issue or may it be being a "muslim".you have expressed nicely.

  5. I always think that we realize that all Indians are one we would be a force to reckon with. Its ridiculous, this discrimination. Its pointless and stupid. Good post.

  6. Rajlakshmi,

    We are diverse but we are not so ignorant.

    We call names, thinking that its fun. But is that fun?

    Racism, discrimination, hate are all at its worse level than anywhere else. Good thought provoking post.

  7. nice. i agree much with what has been said…while other may deny…i see classism here in the states…maybe its because i work predominately with the lower class and have taken time to walk in their shoes…

  8. Interesting and thought provoking post. One of the reason is ignorance. Even today, I hear many North Indians call ALL South Indians as Madarasi. They are very ignorant and don't realize South India has Tamilians, Telugus, Kannadigas, Keralites, and Thulus.

  9. interesting thoughts, Raji.. thought provoking.. within a nation that's supposed to be unified in diversity, there still are strangers and foreigners aren't there? sad, but even that exists and we're unable to do anything solid about it..!

    nice X from you..!

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