::Tangerine Horizon::

Tangerine Horizon
Across horizon, a tangerine dawn,
stirs remnant midnight hues,
brushed by curls of golden yawn,
silent shadows – no longer pursue.

Dandelions sway with lively charm,
feathered colors fly over moor,
cuddling embrace of breezy arms,
bewitching – a new morn’s allure.

14 thoughts on “::Tangerine Horizon::

  1. Beautiful!! Makes me want to see the tangerine dawn through your eyes. I have been a bit wary of tangerine hues in the sky.. always puts me in some sort of distasteful deja vu.

  2. a gorgeous poem raj, just like the pic you added. your poems are so very beautiful.

    glad to see you are writing regularly for the time being atleast.

    keep them coming.


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