::Skipped, fluttered away::

Expelliarmus”, I screamed, expecting a sparkling white flash to emit from my plastic wand and throw them 10 feet away. But nothing happened.
The big boys rolled on the ground, laughing and mocking my antic. The tallest of them came forward, snatched my wand and with a devious grin broke it into two.

She was there too, crouched in a corner weeping over her tattered doll, drenched in muddy water. The big boys were a notorious gang of 5th grade whose only purpose was to sneer and bully the juniors.

She was their victim today, her dress was splashed with ink and water and her japanese doll was no longer in its beautiful form. I wanted to protect her, but the magic words somehow didn’t work. Maybe my wand was fake.

The big boys were glad to tie me with my shirt and roll me into the pool of mud.

Soon they left and I sat there, crying.

I felt her untying my hands , wiping my face with her sleeve and then … she smiled.


That was the first time I saw her, my heart had skipped and fluttered away. As I slipped the wedding ring in her delicate finger, I couldn’t help but smile at these images from past.

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