22 thoughts on “::Over the Horizon::

  1. your talent is outstanding. how can you manage these poems?

    wonderful words raj. just loved the meaning of the poem.


  2. Lovely shape matching with the absolutely beautiful words!!! Freedom is indeed the name of the game…

    Well, you put your lazy Saturday to good use 😉
    Very well written, Raji!!!!

  3. ah, wow, love it! – the shape, the sentiments expressed, and the perfect marriage between the two. Well done!

  4. quite lovely I see you make this and post as a photo? what program do you use? it is a shame blogging dashboards don't give more control over the post text. You have a wonderful talent for this!

  5. I think you are really talented!! How do you do it!! I loved reading this just as much as I love reading all your other poems 🙂 And I like the theme of this poem 🙂 🙂

  6. How do u do that??? It's invincible!! Do you just think of a shape and start writing? The shape makes sense, the poetry makes sense, its awesome! ~Punam

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