Musings: Wounded by a Drohi:

A page from the Sassy Princess’s Diary.

Ok so it was the kind of day when each minute of my mind was clouded with just one thought … ‘What else could go weirdly wrong?’ and each time the string of actions that followed – orchestrated by destiny or fate or whoever was writing this sequence of comic piece in my life – would surprise itself … exponentially raising the bar of abnormal activities playing around me …

Just as the incident of a green pot- bellied frog chased by a chocolate colored cockroach that morning was topping the list I called my biker-friend to go out … suddenly he got sun-scared … Now I wasn’t in my greatest of mood after having spent a not-so pleasant Saturday, to pamper his sensitive-skin- scorching-sun excuse.
My devious alter ego devised a plan to lure him out of this cozy hole. In an instant I booked an evening show of Skyline … and dragged him out to face the laser-sharp-stinging rays of Chennai 3’o clock sun.

Had a hefty and heavy meal at Mary Brown, watched the boring – no – story first half and where-did-this-come-from second half of Skyline … Mentally making plans to devour fried Pomfret at the beach and enjoy the moonlit sky , starlit Orion , cool breeze and gushing waves….

The train of my thoughts screeched to a sudden halt as I started becoming aware of the road he was taking …

Why the heck was he dropping me at home when the evening was still young and sultry… in short it was 7. After a lot of rapid fire-spitting round, I got an incredibly outrageous answer …

He wanted to go home and watch the world premier of KRK’s Deshdrohi to be telecast at 8 pm …

What!!! Huh!!! Kiya!!! Ki!!! Are my ears ringing… or his brain … furiously I scanned around the area, on the zooming bike, squinting my already squinted eyes to detect the presence of any Red colored Alien who would have suddenly appeared and filtered away his sensibility through their confounding technology of sucking away logical skills … or did we just do a hyperspace jump and landed in the illogical valley of loserland

After this staggeringly perplexing revelation that would have even shamed the mystery of the existence of universe, my word power dropped to zero for I found myself stuttering unable to provide a reaction … Shocked I sat still, got down from his bike on reaching my home … but my extremely volatile temper returned just in time to drown him in an acidic tart of emotional blackmail … darker than a black-hole … {evil grin}

Convincing is an art … and it’s extremely entertaining when someone as handicapped as him, in this art, tries the same. Ahh the Angelic me did free him to enjoy his ‘exciting’ movie spree (which started with KRK and ended with Ajaana Anjani) but only after my devious ego was satisfied by dollops of his pitiful state.

So green belly Frog, guess you need to practice some more acrobatics with choco-cockcroach to top the list of weirdness.


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  1. Hi Raj…

    This is fun though I could not related with some minor details like the movies..he he he…

    And btw, your blog is so pretty, like that of a princess' blog…maybe you're a real princess!!!

    mwahs! Princess!!!

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