::Wednesday Random Rants::

These days eating an apple is not meant to keep doctors away, but Testers away … I sincerely hope that this would become a reality someday. Feeding apple to design documents and Java codes, so that testers will β€˜dhundte reh jayenge code bugs’ … I know I have lost my mind!!! Yesterday I found myself talking to these…

Remember my post on Flatmates from hell … about the enlightened minds washing cucumbers and carrots under the filter, and the water making estuaries and tributaries on the floor creating a mini Bay of Bengal … well guess what, I fell into the man made sea… slipped crashed!!! Did a perfect split (last seen in Kunfu Panda) … with knee swollen and some bruises, I really hope I knew some slang words other than Kamini …

The following song has been running in my mind for the past few days … A song that really melts the heart sung by Avril Lavigne

Days are passing too fast, time seems to be on fast forward mode. This feeling becomes stronger in weekends … Can we have one more day added to weekends…

These days I am having an absolutely crazy schedule. Will visit your blog space soon. πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “::Wednesday Random Rants::

  1. Very good song and nice dolls. Pardon my language problem. I thought Kamini is a nice girl's name. Do i miss a joke here?

  2. i sometimes think of having a invisibility cloak so testers dont see me…but yeah..they will anyway log the defects…maybe some spell to make them see no defects….

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