::The World is still beautiful because::

Every morning on the way to office, I see men and women cleaning the sidewalks, planting trees, clearing weeds from road – dividers. Their working condition involves scorching sweltering sun, burning bright, pollution emitted by numerous vehicles and dust.

For past few days I am returning late from office, and each day I have seen garbage trucks cleaning up the roadside garbage bin. People pass them squinting their nose, covering their mouth, trying to overtake it … the smell is unbearable, but still there are workers hanging by the side of the truck, collecting garbage that you or I must have disposed.
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The glass cleaners of huge buildings, hanging from 16-17 floors , the staff that keeps your restroom clean, the security guard of your company – are people that actually make our stay comfortable.
The world is a beautiful place to live in because someone is actually cleaning the dirt.

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  1. @ raji a touching note there; its a pretty difficult job for them,we keep throwing and they keep cleaning.!Even i agree with bikram .if we start contributing our little bit ..probably not throwing those lay's covers;not throwing those chocolate wrappers;etc..would definetely help.

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