::Speck of dust, but Unique::

Each day we wake up to 400 billion suns, unaware, uncaring, lost in our closed world of million more uncertainties. We watch the bright mesmerizing stars, study constellations and rhyme words, ignorant of the accuracy of its existence for the speed of light is too slow to reflect the current state of that star.

We are just a tiny speck of insignificant dust suspended in the incomprehensibly huge cosmos, lost in the myriad of million more points of light. Comparison of the time frame of an average human life to our relatively young blue planet is absurd, but imagine the impact made in that small time.

Our moment is negligible in the fraction of the cosmos, but this is our home. The home to our ideas and dreams, loved and despised ones, of bloodshed and path of non violence, of teachers and corrupt politicians, safely tucked away from highly unstable celestial bodies, supermassive blackholes and cosmic collisions occurring each second in the vast unknown space, that once formed of what we called the solar system.

Living amongst 100 billion stars swathed in gases and dust in the Milky way, this is one planet known to harbour life, where the mysteries of the universe are desperately tried to be unveiled.

Someone truly said that astronomy helps in character building, for it confirms the fact that you are absolutely alone, absolutely unique speck of dust and no one could help you to save from yourself, for you realize the importance of life.

We were formed from a tiny cell into the most complex structure, to finally turn into the same tiny cell, forever living in ignorance of our surroundings, its birth and its demise. But still, we get enough time to curse our life, shed blood in the name of ideologies and religion that have no significant in the wide expanse of the universe.

Appreciate the small moment you are bestowed with in the world of colourful bubbling gases and wormholes, hanging in dark vaccum.

Know how – So how will the Milky Way End?

Andromeda, our galactic neighbour is hurling towards us at 300,000 miles an hour. When it collides, it will change our galaxy forever, stars will be thrown apart and giant gases will tear the galaxy out. Andromeda now appears as dim spot of light in our night sky, which over a period of time will grow larger and larger as the galaxy closes the 2.5 million light years gap that separates us. The collision will form billions of fiery clusters, 100 times brighter than the current tired stars in our night sky, which may again give birth to new planets and moon.

** Like many, astronomy has always fascinated me, evolving from watching the night sky with a torch, standing on top a chair, to listening to Carl Sagan and his explanations on 4th dimension. This is one reason that makes me regret the fact that I am totally hopeless in physics.

Inspired by Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot
** Image source – Google


10 thoughts on “::Speck of dust, but Unique::

  1. It always makes me wonder how infinitesimally small we are in this galaxy.

    Astronomy fascinated me for long time; now no time 🙁 Thats a lame reason. Just lost interest.

    Good one. Thanks for sharing. I didnt know whats this Andromeda is up to. Now I know!

  2. Astronomy is like a horror movie to me 😀
    I can't not see it and want to keep seeing it, but it also gives me the creeps 😀
    Beautiful pics – there is a slideshow on BBC on some fantastic images. Lemme go search for them…

  3. Great Post, I too share a love for astronomy….And when you ponder over the universe and the vastness, or sub atom and its smallness( Equally fascinating), We realize the insignificance of everyting. We have been given few moments to live in the time-space, so vast that we cannot comprehend, and still instead of enjoying each moment we fight, crib, feel depressed and hate each other.

    To quote Einstein, "The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once."

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