In tumultuous times,
of cruelty and oppression,
she rose above the
slaved crowd,
through lashes and
stones of hatred,
by so called
guardians of faith,
she succumbed to gashes,
by society’s whip,
What right they have
to rewrite their lives
or bind them through
blinded beliefs.
Or clip their wings
before they unfurl.

I was reviewing A thousand Splendid suns , when the above thoughts came to my mind. Its a haunting tale of two women struggling and battling with life, in the pitiful state of Afghanistan.

14 thoughts on “::Oppression::

  1. Rightly said, although I haven't read the book yet. No one should be a victim of oppression. But in reality, most Indian girls are under some form and degree of oppression and it is really sad that they can hardly talk about it.


  2. WOW RajLakshmi,
    what heart rending words. And they come to your mind that easily!
    I have read that wonderful book and I feel your poem does more justice to the story than any other review! Superb…:D

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