::Of Midnight Visitors and Manners ::

Midnight blues have set in, Reaching home when moon is at full bloom isn’t something a young lovely girl wants in her life  and above all, to find the below creature , proudly perched on her bucket is the last thing she needs to end her ‘already ended’ day. And so the froggie tales continue.

Gosh they grow real fast … the previous ones were its miniature model, this one seems to be the real frog prince… in search of its Princess… Maybe I should ask my ‘flatmate from hell’ to implant a kiss on its greasy skin … The froggie would definitely commit suicide, while my flatmate would perish by the loss … muhahahaha ek tir se do shikar

** Its another story that as soon as I saw the froggie posing in such objectionable position, I rushed to my room to fetch my camera, screaming Eureka Eureka for finally finding a topic to write on 🙂
Some incidents may sound trivial, but they can result in strong reactions. Take for example, my friend owns a bike and we all know how guys are hopelessly crazy about their machine. The landlord’s little daughter would showcase all the sketching talent on his bike, leaving permanent scratches. You can imagine how furious the guy will be. This has been brought to the notice of her mother, but still it continues… and naah she won’t do this to her father’s bike. Cheers!!!

Why can’t the parents be a little more responsible while bringing up their children, and teach them to respect other’s property like the way they do to theirs? This reminds me of Shilpa’s post on the a similar topic. Kids who run around the host’s house, misplacing things, and rubbing hands on sofa and curtains doesn’t look cute and parents are to be blamed if they are incapable of inculcating some manners while they are still young.

I can cite another example – my friend’s 6 year niece is very stubborn. We went to Mahaballipuram once, and some fancy toy caught her eye. Her Grandmother didn’t buy it to her. This resulted in continuous tantrums and crying for more than an hour. While returning, the bus conductor got suspicious and enquired about the whereabouts her Mom. We had a tough time explaining that the elderly ones are her grandparents and the guy is her uncle.

My farm is again in ruins. Reached early today so catch you guys on your blogs.


13 thoughts on “::Of Midnight Visitors and Manners ::

  1. You made feel like hugging my kids … cannot now for they both are in school and college at the moment.
    They have always made me feel very proud as a mom.

    I love your froggie prince.

  2. Parental issues are on the rise these days ,old days there will be someone to take care of the children at home but not these days as both the parents go to work leaving the child to mend its own ways 🙁

  3. YEah eureka eureka indeed 🙂

    On the bike I would have killed her 🙂 and the cars too we guys love our machines 🙂

    IT all depends how you bring up the kids and this nonsense that we have especially in india of nanny's and aya's taking care of the kids 90% of the time and parents only there to pamper them more I dont like it at all. Sorry but if you dont have time to raise your kids on your own then maybe you should not have them 🙂 is my idea
    plus I would not be able to afford a nanny in UK 🙂
    Still its upto the parents to teach some manners , i hold them responsible for the silly behaviour of kids but then thats me who gives a damn about what i think 🙂 he heh ehehe

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  4. OMG how can you stand a frog? I try to tell myself I am tough & not a girly girl (which I am to a large extent.) But bring a frog near me & I will run away SCREAMING!
    As for the mannaers part, yes, it is absolutely disgusting. Biker guy should call the police!

  5. "parents are to be blamed if they are incapable of inculcating some manners while they are still young."

    yet most parents are busy at work and then busy at home watching soaps/cricket matches or etc etc…

  6. lol instead of shooing away teh froggie you made him a celebrity 😛 lucky frog 😛 wondering wo bucketme tapka kase nai :O

    And seriously more than the kids i get angry on such parents who need to attend some classes on parenting..

    ohh btw welcome back princess 😀

  7. Very well said. These kids who destroy other people’s belongings won’t do this in their own homes. Their parents are very strict, but only in their own homes. They let their kids do anything in other people’s homes.

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