35 thoughts on “::Souvenir::

  1. No, Lakshmi, a broken heart never mends.. the scars remain.. as you rightly said, the souvenirs remain always.
    That hit a sore spot. 🙂 ~Punam

  2. I really loved your 20 syllable poem, Rajlakshmi. I am now inspired to give it a try.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. how are you?
    return favors to those you did not originally reach..


    Hello, friend:

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    Thanks in advance.
    Hope to see you soon…

  4. I am always so happy to find a new poetry form. And this one, practiced so eloquently with the perfect image accompaniment. Lovely.

    THANK YOU (and thank you for your comment on my Rally poem as well.)

  5. Wonderful; so much powerful imagery squeezed into this entry.

    I'd never heard of a tetractys before but I'll definitely be giving it a try myself!

    Kiera 🙂

  6. That is fantastic. I have never tried a poem like that so I really appreciate that you listed the type with the rules. Your poem is a gift with the rules being a bonus gift. Thank you!

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