::Sassy Princess and her Bike rider -2::

Do you still remember the story of Princess and the bike rider … if not, you can read it here

Its more than 2 years since the fateful day, when celestial bodies , executed their plan of bringing two different characters together – Sassy Princess and unchivalrous bike rider, and the sparks have been flying since that day.

Lessons on chivalry is still going on. The progress can be measured by the fact that doors have stopped slamming on Princess’s pretty face, though the shopping bags still find a way to her hands.

All this while, Princess has found a new rival and that also a strong contender, powerful enough to dominate her Bike Rider’s conscious and sub-conscious – Movies. Now how does one compete with the ‘stories on celluloid’ … At wits end, Princess is bravely fighting this non living entity.

Roaming around on Jenny, name of Biker’s beloved Bike , has made the Princess to keep a tab on amount of fuel left in the vehicle … ever since she found herself rushing behind the bike, with an empty fuel tank, pushed by the biker, in a rainy evening, on a busy road 😛 – she makes it a point that the needle of the fuel indicator never goes into the red zone.

From waiting for the Princess till 4 am at office to dropping her at some center, in harsh summer, from arguing over choice of clothes in Globus to enjoying Momos together at Momomia … Life seems ever more lively when there’s someone to share it…

The Biker is celebrating his Birthday today, and the Princess with all her heart wishes him a wonderful birthday.

I am again posting the caligramme I made for him


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