[Bakwas]::Chipkali effect in the Animal farm::

The Chipkali Effect

Chipkali – translation in English – Lizard


The wall is teeming with chipaklis of varied languages and voices … irrespective of their age and place… together they are working towards a single goal … to Chew Chew the whole evening till late night…

In case you are wondering what I am talking about – have a look at my facebook wall … a tremendous growth in the population of chipkalis has been noticed after the invention of our Wall language – Chew Chew… and since then the users of Wall are termed as chipkalis

Special Chuanks to froggie for inventing a common language for all the chipkali’s on the wall 😀 it’s a collaborative effort by froggie, tiger, chudel {who is forced to change her cheekh to chew} and Princess to popularize this brand new language of “youth on the wall “… Angel Roh too Chews in between … well don’t forget to Chewgratulate Sree’pkali’ for finally finding his She 😀

Our study is based on the assumption that most of XGen are spending more than half of their time on wall than on the floor… seems the wall is the next hot hyperspace for gossiping and ranting … If you think no one hears you… try writing on the wall … no matter whether you cry laugh or display anger … people will Like it
To join this esteemed group all you have to do is chew chew either on your wall or in your friend’s … the craze is contagious , soon you will find a pack of chipkalis chewing to glory 😀 … whether you want to dedicate a chweet chong … or wish chewnite , the wall is the place…

Oh yes we are Chipkalifyd.

Another phenomenon that is seen among FB addicts is their sudden attachment to Pink cows and Spaghetti Sheeps … {ya ya I am no exception … I even dream of buying a Jumbo… too bad the offer no longer exists} … Oh yeah we have Party ducks too 😀 Obsessed with Farmville , shamelessly asking for nails and red bricks… {yeah that’s again me} we are building our Horse stable and Bee Hives …

Take a look

Give me some red Bricks….
Give me some Nail
Give me another cow
I wanna build my Dairy farm Again 😀

chew chew

8 thoughts on “[Bakwas]::Chipkali effect in the Animal farm::

  1. Are you still expanding your dairy farms??
    Rather than asking for specific nail or brick…ask your neighbors to send you Special Delivery Boxes… they contain exactly what you need and send "Ask for Brick/Nail etc" requests!

    Sent you one!!
    Liked the rhyme… 😀

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