[Rant]::Flatmates from Hell::

Since college I have been very lucky to have roommates and wall-mates whose vibes never jangled with mine … but off late my luck in these matters seems to drying away…I can understand that its difficult for people from different backgrounds to gel properly … but still there are things that are totally unacceptable… and that can even flare up the little-lovely-minds like mine.


Now there’s a room in my flat… where the weirdest of the weird creatures reside

Till now the situation was limited to sudden disappearance of our paneer ,fruit juice and sweets from fridge . Then arrived Miss BooHoo …{ and I am pretty sure she’s not a resident of our planet… maybe from No-Brains kingdom of the remotest corner of North Betelgeuse … }
Her expertise lies in making our poor stomach growl in hunger { a reason why I don’t need exercise these days} … making us slip half way across the hall … and if by any chance I facture myself, I am gonna wack her with the same broken bone…

It was dinner time that day… and just like every other day, the cook had placed the food on our dining table. Exhausted and hungry, me and my roomie, with our empty plates, went to take some rice and Bhaji … And what do we see !!! … Miss Boohoo was scooping heaps of rice into her plate… with her bare hands… ewwww …

And before she plunged into scooping bhaaji also…we offered her our spoon … but she retorted back ‘I have already used my hand, I will take it like that’ … Scandalized my roomie forced her to use the spoon… No we didnt touch the rice that day… had to satisfy with Roti {and I am not so fond of them} … in the dead silence of night … our stomachs were crying.

We usually have this sliding session on water … whose source remained a mystery to us … even in the scorching dry day, mysterious water would seep into our hall … and we would be splishing splashing all the way to our rooms… Then one fine evening, as I was wondering whether to sow pineapple or potato in my farm, that I became aware of the mysterious source of water… Miss Boohoo was cleaning cucumbers …. under the filter … and the water, spilled all over the floor, was making mini Tributaries and estuaries and Gorges …

God -in case you are short of brain … give her half of mine…

If only she had stayed in my college hostel, her attitude would have been steamrolled … and enough manners would have been inculcated into her to last for the next seven births.


As I said in one of my posts – we are not so educated as we claim to be. There are some basic etiquette of living that prevents us from being termed as Junglee … Maintain it.

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  1. Oho… thats a sad sad story… I guess you should tie her up in bathroom everytime she misbehaves or behaves in an inhuman way! lol… BUt on a serious note, you guys need to explain her clearly before your life becomes messy! 🙂

  2. I feel sad at your predicament..But I have seen many such creatures thru my children..may be they come in all our life to tell us that world is full of some such people who are educated but not educated really.

  3. to deal with weird people..become more weird than them…that shocks them..and they start behaving normally…shock therapy
    ok..that is one stupid advice..anyone wants to experiment..

  4. ooops not good… I can understand I am also one for clenliness I like the place i eat and the utensils to be CLEAN.. eeeee I would not have eaten that DAY just seeing that …

    WE maybe educated but that doesnot mean we have COMMON Sense.. cause common sense is not that COMMON..
    so maybe one day you guys can get hold of her and sit her down and give her a piece of your mind
    you never know she may learn something

  5. Uhhh Ohhhh.. The post title drew me here sooner than I had planned…Is the gal for real???? I hope someone finds a way to drill some sense(?) into her..soon…

  6. Ayyo! That's a bad situation to get stuck in! 🙁
    Maybe you should make your Blogger profile anonymous for a day and make her read this post, claiming it was written by someone else! 😀

  7. LOL, get a gun and finish her off ! 😀 😀 😀 Whaaat a woman ! 😀

    You know what, make her read this post and I am sure she wouldnt be able to guess on whom it was written about ! 😀 😀 😀

    ewwww…food with bare hands !!! now, thats something to do with the upbringing !

  8. jus like neighbours, good roommates 2 r a blesssing..Sorry for your predicament buddy…n hey…going by your blog and yr talent, am sure u r not that ostrich (as u mentioned in comment..heheh) cheers

  9. Oh…that is really a difficult situation you are in….. I hope along with food she is gobbling up some better sense also goes inside. Some people never learn.

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