::Dance pe Chance::

Once upon a time, ‘when working during unearthly hours’ was a distant concept, the little princess was very passionate about dancing and choreographing … the passion still exists, though now its limited only to visuals…

Dance moves, over a period of time, has undergone a tremendous change … from the Jumping Jitender to Mesmerizing Madhuri to Sizzling Shahid … and there are others too …

Jeepers Creepersheavily inspired by crawling wormy creatures, the dancers would be found slithering on the floor, on the wall, on the bed, on the sofa, on the ceiling, on the bonnet of the car… dancing or rather fumbling with silky pink curtains … with heart shaped pillows … with oil tanker … and the door mat {okk … hope you got the idea} … never mind the music, coz that’s the last thing that’s noticed … they are usually present at the backdrop of any hip(??) video … posing all over the Hero, with a Pyaasi Aatma look…

{ There’s something really wrong with me… after Emraan I have started admiring Rakhi for her dancing skills … where’s the asylum!!!! }

Martian attack – Aliens do exist … Proof – how else can you explain a life form known as Lady Gaga … Watch her albums and you will be able to redefine ‘Peculiarly Peculiar’ … may be she’s promoting the national dance form of the Red planet … it’s another fact that her songs always send the cash registers ringing and ‘Pokerface’ is one of my fav song too … 😛

The Twisters – ahaa my favorite group … they could pose as the cousins of legendary Air and Water benders … and their art is – to turn and twist their waist like rubber … may be God replaced their spinal cord with elastic…even the snakes would hide in total embarrassment by those moves … I am a diehard fan belly dancing, and countless nights I have spent, just to imitate one step from La Tortura … of course to no avail …

BTK Jhatkas(Bolly-Tolly-Kolly) – the dancers of bollywood, tollywood and kollywood – all they have to do a kamaria lachakayo behind the tree, near the tree, around the tree, over the tree, surrounded by cows with bell grazing in green meadows … with a minimum of a hundred side dancers …whew … such eco friendly dancers!!!! And amazing job opportunities!!!

The Rockers – The most dangerous and unbelievable energetic dancers … Glucon D still exists because of them… or was it the overdose of Complan … but then whose complaining… just make sure you are at a distance of minimum 10 feet while they are performing … coz if that B Boying kick lands on you, you won’t even know whether your bone locked or popped
How to learn?? Well just try to stand using everything except legs 😛

The following is one of my favorite video

That reminds me of an incident that occurred during New Year eve. The dance floor was literary shaking with the descendants of Michael Jackson … my petite friend went to the middle of the floor… she had just started dancing when a solid Mukka (punch) landed from somewhere … the rest of the evening she spent as a spectator 😛 with her hand on her chin …

These are the categories to which probably maximum Youngistanians are grooving to…


12 thoughts on “::Dance pe Chance::

  1. Not particularly enamoured of Lady Gaga myself…hard to look at …

    Thanks for posting wonderful videos … you must still have deep interest in dance given this …

  2. There is one more I can think of. A bunch of guys stand in a neat formation and perform PET (err, they all are in white shoes, unruly hair) and usually a single girl is passing somewhere nearby.
    My fav! 😉

  3. Interesting. I thought all Bollywood dance numbers came under 1 category but you have imagination !! 🙂 Though I must confess I hate that garam masala song.

  4. Crap; that was your friend !!! I remember hitting somebody on the dance floor during New Years Eve !! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    and yeah, on the twisters, do they even have bones, I wonder ! 😀

    emraan…and rakhi ?? Ok, the asylums here in chennai; kilpauk if you dint know ! 😀 Please let me know if I could be of any help ! 😀 😀

  5. Ohh ohh…Those were some categories. Never thought they could be categorized. 😛

    For me, its all moving limbs and shaking bon-bons 😛

    Talking about dance, try watching a Bollywood dance number with mute ON. Only the moves, so music. You will laugh your gut out 😀

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