::Crouching Cats and Leaping frogs::

Was chatting with sister dahling, who’s busy these days with nipping Doberman’s tail and giving IV to Alsatians, when our conversation turned towards ‘man and animal’ … she doesn’t differentiate much between them… only the latter needs a high dosage of medicines… this is one reason why our family refuses to take medications from her 😛 she’s going to be a veterinary doctor 😛

Golu and Mojo, remember the Royal Cats, they got featured in an animal magazine- Wiskus… and they have got a new companion too – Zuba. Now the three Royal Musketeers roam around the girl’s hostel. Will click him if I get the opportunity of meeting Zuba. For now I am again sharing picture of Golu and Mojo.

Leaping Frogs

Naah this is not about our adorable lover boy aka froggie, its about those slimy green colored creatures who in addition to having every repulsive feature also can fly… okk jump on you … they are usually found mounted on the broom… or the tap … or simply crouched in the remotest corner , up on the wall, ready to scare the daylights out of you…

In my earlier PG, we were once attacked by this despicable creature in the kitchen …{we used to stay in second floor … I was at wits end while figuring out- how it managed to scale the height}… it was all over the stove… the haldi container … mirchi and daal packets were stinking with its ugly footprints… and once it in an attempt to capture it in a polythene bag, it landed on my roomie’s plate… now my experience with insects and amphibians is limited to Shooo shooo 😛 which of course didn’t help in this case… litres of phenyll was splashed all over the kitchen … but the frog was adamant…

Frantically I called up my ex roommate, asking her tips on scaring a frog. Maybe be it was because of my state of mind or maybe her mainframe code threw error again, I couldn’t figure out what she had said after I kept the phone. So it was me and the frog … in a common territory … standing eye to eye… while he was disgusting… I was disgusted…

I took one large cardboard box, and in rage tossed it at the creature … I don’t remember where I landed, but the box landed right on top of the frog… and with some more efforts it was out of our house… amidst jubilant applause… I reclaimed my territory – the kitchen 😛

I am again haunted by the same species … and now the disputed area is bathroom … they have upgraded to Gorilla warfare … but I am still struggling with my shooo shooo … 😛

17 thoughts on “::Crouching Cats and Leaping frogs::

  1. Lol! The cats are so cuuuute! 🙂

    Frogs fill me with awe. Maybe because I never get to see any in my own city. But yes. My parent's hometown is a different story altogether. Almost like your blog post minus the hilarity! 🙂

  2. I like your sis' theory regarding medicines .. But yes, humans better beware 😉 As for frogs, I can just hear their croaks in my mind as I read your post. *eeeeee* !!

  3. Yikes! Frogs are really really disgusting! Slimy and ugly. I can't for the life of me figure out how someone can kiss it just to get a prince charming… 😉 😛

    Pretty Celebrity Cats… 🙂

  4. he heehe a nice little misadventure…

    keep trying the hsoo shooo and u will master it soon enough he heeh eh

    the cats are good but i dont like them 🙂 got so many here in uk everyone has a pet ..

  5. he heehe a nice little misadventure…

    keep trying the hsoo shooo and u will master it soon enough he heeh eh

    the cats are good but i dont like them 🙂 got so many here in uk everyone has a pet ..

  6. The card box trick might work again na ,try it 😀

    Ur chronicles about ur day to day happenings suits up for an interesting read 🙂
    keep em comin

    cheers !!!

  7. Right from the title, I was laughing all the way till the last word of your post!!! LOL !!!
    Too good! ahemm.. come on, you HAVE to give him some credit now.. cuz of him, you have this super duper hilarious post up here!!! He was your "muse" for this one alright!
    Good luck with maintaining the bathroom territory to yourself.. teeheehee…
    Let us know what happens to the dude in there..

    Loadsa love..

  8. I have a possible solution for getting rid of frogs. Throw salt or spray salt water at the frog. Salt will burn their feet. Therefore, they will run away and never come back.

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