People love to be anonymous… the freedom it instills in vast – to be what you want to be in the virtual world, to make people perceive about you the way you want … and that’s really tough in the real world.

Mostly I have encountered one group that dominates this scenario …

The CryBabies – Now this group has the power to reduce even Hitler to tears … the naming conventions they follow would make you wonder if Apocalypse has already happed… laden with enormous bulk of the whole universe’s sorrow and darkness or maybe forced to guard the gates of gory valley … they cry on, about past failures… impending doom… next door fashionable neighbor … how-cruel-God-is-for-making-her-crush-like-her-best-friend … why the porridge isn’t sweet enough… why the apple falls down… why the night is dark … the fear that their shadow will leave them … whew!! Enough.

LonelyRider (yeah that’s me) always have a tearful time reading Tainted Melody, Quite Insanity, ShateredMemorieshurt, Insane And In Pain, Pieces of Heart and Broken Wing [The names are as real as me … members of a common club] … and replying to forum topics like – Accidental Overdose, How do I know when to give up on my ex-GF, I hate Myself … The ones who reply, too will have depressing names with even more depressing tales to tell … Yeah I think we missed the Apocalypse.

My addiction to internet started in the early years of this decade…{ it’s still on, full fledge} … but when my mobile bill came around 6K … the draining of my bank balance knocked some sense into my possessed mind …

During my early days, the ‘chatting’ scenario was totally dominated by FlyboyCV – who happened to be a fighter pilot {I go gaga over Men in Uniform} and then there was Longing Romie, Nashfulton, Desperado and finally Adonis … still not able to recollect their real names 😛

The only thing I hate is the Anonymous comment in my blogs … my heart skips a beat whenever I see un-moderated comments in my Dashboard … only to be disappointed later to find a huge comment on imitation jewellery available in some site with odd names… or a free trip to Bahamas … hmmmpphhh

Even more bizarre comment I get quite often is–”You helped in my homework. Thank you” … now no matter how many times I go through the content of the post, I couldn’t locate one point that could have helped in homework, coz the post was all about my mom’s possessiveness regarding her pet ducks Lucy and Lassy.

I too once loved to be anonymous … with 7 email ids and 3 orkut profiles … but now its just me… in both Real and Virtual world 😀



16 thoughts on “::Anonymous::

  1. I hate being anon… And never chatted with somebody who is anonymous..

    there is no point hiding our real thing.. I guess…

    but the name you have mentioned are funny 🙂

  2. i cant even think of doing or writing anything anonymous..just not in my genes…good post buddy..know what? i also dislike peope who hide behind cover..unless it is for a valid reason..anywy..i also believe in freedom..so let everyone choose their path:)

  3. eeeeeks !! 7 email ids and 3 orkut profiles??? were you stalking somebody or what ?? 😀 😀 😀

    I have never been anonymous and I dont think I can be too. People can easily recognise my comments, you see. (Damn, I need to do something for that!)

  4. May be people have a part of themselves which they are ashamed to admit as their own . They go anonymous ! it is rather stupid really , But it is a stupid reaction to this stupid world which has norms .. Nice reading ! :0

  5. I somehow now HATE this anonymous thing,,,,, why do people wana step in the virtual world when they cant stand by their identity itself :O

    cooolll postt princess 😀

  6. Anonymous people want to be like that because they are not be able to take criticism. If that is the case, they should not make any comment at all.

  7. Interesting points! 🙂
    There are another set of Anonymous people who comment on blogs simply to bash or ridicule or insult the blogger. I feel they are cowards.
    But the irony is that anonymity allows them to hide even from their cowardly act!

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