Thursday Poet’s Rally ::Still, I dream ::

Still, I dream
Seeping through white texture
myriad of sentiments blue,
hint of solitude smudged,
across canvas of grey hue.
Reaping smile from yester’s lips
doodling with unfermented wish
stacked beneath a pile of
unwarranted gibberish.
But, hope crowns each rising horizon
and, still, I dream.
Wrote something after a longggg time… Have been a little busy these days so I must have been found absent from a lot of blog spaces 🙂 but definately I will make it up 🙂
Was again nominated for Perfect Poet Award 😀 Thank you so much 😀

I would like to nominate Jingle 🙂

24 thoughts on “Thursday Poet’s Rally ::Still, I dream ::

  1. Awesome yaar… really nice short poem… its b-e-a-utiful 🙂

    check out mine.. i need comments

  2. Dream on… and live EACH moment of this amazing dream to the fullest!
    Have a pleasant July…

  3. Thank you for the nomination…
    As you know, I am imperfect, but with your encouragement, I try my best…
    you are dear to have!
    have fun visiting!

  4. its cool but i somewhat couldn't get the last para, the first two paras define a dream sequence i guess…
    but why the clash between dreams and the rising sun…
    the sun brings hope but u still dream..
    a bit unclear raji!!!
    not for nothing they say, "to crack a poet's head!!" 😛

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