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What triggered this post – The advertisement by Frankfinn Air Hostess Institute displayed behind almost every bus I have seen in Chennai… Each night after an exhausting bug-and-fixing-day, as I make my way towards home… with the hope of resting my lovely head … zooms a honking bus displaying that outrageous 70,000 figure behind its back … in case you haven’t noticed, 70,000 is the starting salary … and you just have to be 12th pass … {is what they claim – but that’s for international flights not domestic …}

But it’s not the amount that irked me, it’s the words accompanying them … something like – Your Dad will forget your 12th marks once he see’s your salary … and that made me wonder if they are promoting or demoting their value… I have no qualms against this industry, but it is this advertisement that I couldn’t digest.


Comparing education with salary is nothing new, unfortunately the stark truth is – we study for the sake of a proper livelihood and in some cases a good alliance … but still to me this comparison sounds illogical, shameful and manipulative
We aren’t so educated as we claim to be …

You certainly won’t teach your toddler to become an Engineer so the sake of owing an Audi, will you?


{I know this example is not valid for IT professionals}

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  1. Thats where the problem lies. People run for jobs and money. No one is interested in changing the society.

    ..and the advertisers target such people.

  2. BAD BAD AD.. where do they get the ideas..

    i guess they are targetting the not so bright kids , but its not that easy to get into the flying business.. not all get through and if i am not wrong you need to be EDUCATED to get this job at least in foreign airlines…

    My cousin is a air hostess and she is far far educated then me , she works for Qantas..

    its all about gettign students enrolled and make money for institute i guess ..

  3. this world is very materialistic.
    success is measured by the money you earn….

    So they are using the same idea and making that add. Whom to blame now… the add company or the society.

  4. We need not ask the kids to study to ride an Audi. Commercialization has that effect on them already. Recently, my nephew got an award for chess. It was a certificate and the 7yr old's comment was "Had they given some money, I could have it to Dad to buy an Audi".
    Values are just on bookshelves now.

  5. Sick ad, seriously !! I mean, it is in a way promoting students to be even more lethargic with their studies;"dont worry, you neednt study, we have a job in the air for you !"

  6. i saw the ad. on tv … one of ur known friend did this air hostess course … but did get any job … where ever she want for interview they rather asked her weird quest. one of them was … "after ur working hour is over and the pilot ask u to entertain him in his hotel room … would u agree?" … she didn't agree – now she is working at a call center !! so the way they put up the ad. i makes me wonder … n i agree with Srinivas – money can do anything !

  7. Ok Raji, the kidding apart… why do they put something so atrocious up so publicly?
    Or, I'll put it up the other way.
    If none of us would believe in any such thing… why do you think these frankfinn guys would've put it up in the first place?

    We can talk of the atrociousness of these so called ads Princess, but the harsh reality is that… money works.. we like it or not! 🙁

    Ok.. I'll dump my wordpress ID and publish this with my name. 🙂

  8. yeah man! i mean this devalues our education system … also devalues our degree's etc.. and also makes people think air hostess will all be 12th pass with low marks.. only look no brains.. damn .. but if this ad works… then it also means something is wrong with other people..not just ad-people..

  9. Pathetic advertising is profound in India …
    Healthcare advertising is the worst ever ,Hospitals advertising themselves ???????

    WTF ,why should hospitals need advertisements ??????

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