::Little This and That::

My bro and sister are in same college and their examination is going on.

Called him yesterday, to know his latest update. He was dating with his girlfriend at Pizza hut at that time. On asking how sister dear is, he replied,

“Don’t worry Di, both of us are absolutely fine. She’s dating at the other end of Pizza hut. ”

Waah aaj ka baache. 😛


Went for Ch1 Blogger’s meet yesterday. Ch1 is our corporate blogging site.


I never get Kurta’s of my size. Even a small size looks like a gunny bag on me. Neither I have itsy bitsy of stitching talent to alter the size. My roomie is my saviour in these cases. Once I tried to alter the fitting, somehow managed to complete one side. The outcome was so horrible that my roomie volunteered to redo it for me.


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  1. Ha ha…jus loved your bro's reply about your sis.

    Hey why don't you try getting the kurtas stitched though the feel isn't same as that of a readymade one.

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