::I too have sinned::

Shilpa and Lostworld  tagged me for “My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes” This tag says, list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to and maybe I am the last species on earth doing it …
Well I have’t broken many stereotypes… always been known as the perfect girl of the family… my relatives actually pray to have a daughter like me 😛 so I am every bit a girl a girl can be … by today’s standards climbing trees, fooling around, gadget freak isn’t non-girly any more… so won’t count those 😛
So here goes my list …
1) Pathar dil, Nishtoor, Stoneheartedthese have been synonymous to me since childhood… I am very unsympathetic … There have hardly been moments when I have felt the feeling of Pity in real life… the only time I remember feeling it was when Oliver’s wife dies in Love Story {Eric Segal}. During college days, my friends used to rejoice even if I show an iota of sympathy … they still know me as the most unemotional girl.
2) Stitching my stitching is so perfect than I can make a million dollar diamond studded kurta look like a photha kaanni {Rug to sweep floor} I cannot stitch even to save myself. One of the reasons why I don’t buy Kurtas in Chennai… they are never of my size and my stitching can be safely termed as Horrible … usually my roomie would come to my rescue in these matters 😛
3) I can never explain in glorious details … totally inept at describing things … that’s why no travelogues, only photos in my blog… and if possible I would usually cut short half of the things… example
“I have loved you with all the love that my heart could store,
I don’t think I can love you more
Now what if I just say the last line … wouldn’t it be a debacle… and that is what I have now expertise in … creating debacles …
One of the reason why people don’t understand my writes is coz half of the thing will be in my mind and the other half on paper 😛
{This is an example… a famous quote … I would rather die than use those clichés }
4) I never ask for permission {Except for office work of course}. The last time I took permission was to drink water when I was in primary school. My parents just expect me to inform them about my whereabouts. Asking for permission was an excuse I used to make for not accompanying my friends for a trip.
5) I refuse to grow up, be mature and take responsibility.
6) Unlike most of the girls, I am a fast walker… real fast walker… when alone my walk would get a military touch breezing through the sidewalks … since school people would pave way for me … or else they would get hit … head on 😛
But unlike my sister, I don’t walk like {as my bro defines it} a Duck 😛
I simply cannot match my walk with slower walkers, and getting stuck between them… in cafeteria or stairs … is a nightmare.
7) Only in occasions you would find me in groups… I prefer to be a lonely rider… or with just one friend… three is a crowd

8) I never had any criteria on how my dream boy would be. Never ever I had any expectation on his looks or color or nature or anyother aspect. My friends would be gushing and praying for their criteria-fulfilling-guy to land in their life … while I would keep explaining that if in Love, all criteria dissolve… what’s the point in having them.
9) You guys know all about my cooking. Read here and here.
10) Being the only girl engineer in my family, I have broken a norm. {apne muh miya mitthu 😛 }
Whew over … this was reallyyy tough coz I can be the real irritating girly girl that every guy is scared of 😛

19 thoughts on “::I too have sinned::

  1. pather-dil
    didnt think that would be the case..
    …good list.. and yeah and good stereotype breaking things…its good to break things..things like stereotypes..

    i guess i have a thing for things..

    good post..

  2. Very interesting. Cannot imagine you are an unsympathetic person. You cried when Jennifer died? Me too. In addition, I was touched when she told Oliver "screw Paris".

    You are my kind of person. My motto is also "it is better to ask for foregiveness than permission".

  3. You are not the last species to do this tag; I am going to claim that position, if at all I do the tag, that is ! 😀 😀 😀

    Except for cooking and stitching, the rest of the points were very different from the rest 😀 😀 good ones !

  4. LoL @ apne muh miya mitthu!!! 😀 I agree with you, what used to be considered stereotype earlier isn't really one in todays times..That's why I found this tag too difficult.

    I'm with you on pt. 6. Its quite annoying to be stuck behind slow coaches while walking 🙂

    I enjoyed your take! Coool!!

  5. Hi. Well, I share the not taking permissions part with you. In fact, I don't like taking permissions from people since childhood, if I do not respect the person from within:)

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