::And Then There are Days::

Life is quite a smooth ride… if you know how to handle the bumpy part…

But then there are days like these,

1) When you desperately wish to create a head gear to mask the tantrums thrown by your literally roughhair.jpghair.jpg and tough hair… the female species all over the world have done exhaustive research to determine the origin of this condition, which is now termed as – Bad hair days. 😛 It’s on those certain days, when moon’s position is perpendicular to the nebula nearby Andromeda galaxy 2.9 million light years away, that my hair gets a life of its own – Peeping out of head in groups 🙄 , often changing position to the opposite side, or simply stands still, like those of a rooster.

The best way to tackle them – leave them alone
2) Out of extremely busy schedule, the heap of soiled clothes kept piling up,  then came a day when I reached home at an unearthly hour only to realize that there was nothing to wear for the next day. Exhausted, I picked up one of the dresses from the pile and washed it.

But since Saturn’s largest ring’s position wasn’t properly aligned with the orbit of Proxima Centauri, the next morn, the chain of that washed and nicely ironed kurta broke … With time running out and nothing to wear.. I dug into my wardrobe, only to find an old dress of peculiar color and style that even my grandma would shudder to wear. Once in office, wearing the oversize gunny-bag-look-alike , I lowered my chair to the lowest limit and hid under the keyboard stand … walked only when it was absolutely necessary and only when the path was cleared of any moving living thing…

And just when I was wondering what else could go, I realized that I had worn the dress in opposite way. The actual front was at the back and the back was in front.
3) Not to forget the days that occur every fortnight, and the sheer success and smoothness of the planning makes you appreciate the sophisticated project execution capability of Dearest God 🙄 … those are the days when everything goes WRONG right from the moment the alarm breaks your dream. From crows to cows, busses to auto wallahs , the energies of the whole universe work together to make a fool of you, turning you into the joking-experiment of every living and non-living species that ever existed on this Blue planet.
4) And of course there are days when you wonder if you are still mentally stable… this one thought is haunting me ever since I watched Raaz-2 because of late I have grown a strange liking towards Emran Hashmi  … I don’t believe I am writing this … Maybe it’s time I call the nearest asylum.


So tell me, are you too a victim of THOSE days??


20 thoughts on “::And Then There are Days::

  1. Ahhh…Whatever brought about this post Rajlakshmi? A bad day? 🙂
    But I loved it. It is so relatable. And funny!
    So so agree with points 3 and 4.
    And the dress thing? Lol…Next time (won't be one, but still), just walk with your head held high and tell em it is the latest fashion that only you can carry off with panache! 🙂

  2. my dear friend
    Your words of consolation on loss of my brother helped me strengthen myself. I really appreciate it and pray for peace and good health to you and yr near ones. Really lucky to have come across you.

  3. Murphy's laws at work I guess!

    Why do these things happen together, as if launching a combined attack?

    Lol at wearing the dress opposite… happened with a salwar for me once.. it was humiliating to say the least.. I cannot imagine what you went through 🙁

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