::Thursday Poet’s Rally:: Twilight Masterpiece

Twilight Masterpiece

When midnight blue is deep, beneath starlit curtain,
slowly I unfurl, my sleepy canvas of dreams,
palette of rainbow streaks, few shades of sunset peach,
charcoal grey from shadows, borrowed gold from Daffodils.

Sprinkling crystal shimmer,on silky strands of Maize,
in firefly lit milieu, borns a masterpiece
dash of violet-azure ,copper tinge smudged across,
through radiant auburn sky, sun slowly peeping out,

Unfurling burgundy petals, jeweled with amber hues,
atop Emerald blades, pristine dew on graceful lilies,
silver wings soaring high, beyond cuddly cottony clouds,
honey laced melody reverberate – twilight lullabies.
As morning fragrance seep through, yawning summer-borne streets,
Will you halt for a while and admire my masterpiece?

27 thoughts on “::Thursday Poet’s Rally:: Twilight Masterpiece

  1. I'd love to admire your masterpiece; for a masterpiece it definitely is! I esp loved the phrase "borrowed gold from daffodils".. it is something that pops out of a world of fantasy.

  2. Beautiful Masterpiece of dream at midnight…I enjoyed watching the canvas of ur dream before my eyes, Raj

  3. Sure, always have time for a colorful masterpiece 🙂
    Excellent descriptions in bold lines. Enjoyed how you also express variations of light through appreciative tones (and hues).

  4. ayehaye… aisa likhogi tho yaar mereko tho complex hi aa jayega 🙁
    brilliant poem princess…and kyaa pic hai…ossum 😀

    keep rocking madamoiselle 😀

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