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** Same old story of unexpressed love …. tried to be told differently πŸ™‚
** Form – Shape Poetry

** For better view please click on the image

** This is also my 100th Post πŸ˜€

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28 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Hello Rajlakshmi,

    Congratulations on the hundredth post! I've read a couple of shape poetry before and what you've done is fabulous! Is it some sort of bird on the left side? right side is two people holding hands..that was easy to guess! πŸ™‚

    Enjoyed this one! All the best with BAT!

  2. Excellent. Your a master of shape poetry. I have never seen anyone else try this. People often even avoid metering their verses. Look forward to seeing more of your shape poetry.

  3. lovely poems..
    The first from a disenchanted lover and the second from a secret lover..I hope my deductions are right πŸ™‚

    Many congratulations on the 100th post…
    Keep blogging dear….

  4. "Memories trickle from the distant past to the unknown future"

    Lovely as always…
    I love the concept of the diary…So apt..But the words seem so small…Could the pic have been bigger?

  5. Congrats….100th post a cool milestone achievement!!
    Shape poetry!! This is my first exposure to such a form. Very interesting and innovative! πŸ™‚

    The first seems to a brooding man and the second, what it could have been ie meeting the love of his life.

    All the very best for BAT-11!!

  6. Congrats on your 100th Post. Really good shape poem. Creativity at its peak!!

    Just curious, if i have it right….the one on the right is a boy and girl holding hands….and the one on the left…not sure but to me it looks like a Mogul Emperor!! πŸ˜‰


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