::Crazy Roomies::

[A Repost – was missing my ex roomie … so thought of posting it again … 🙂 , written around 2 years back :)]
Dedicated to special(est) Duo

How many of us get the privilege of staying with God-Experiment-gone-wrong kind of speciments … Mighty He must have thought of creating Charlie’s Three angels…but some ingredients must have been missing as the resultant was Myself, Alolika and Kalpita …and the deceitful destiny played its trick to bring us together under the same roof… Myself – the first angel … had this brain wave that it is the time to let the world know of our precious existence.

So let me introduce our Second angel aka Kalps {clapping}… who is feverishly vehemently devotedly preparing for her masters degree …and I with the same enthusiasm praying that she gets an Aryabhata’s invention in her paper(and remain doomed to be my roomie forever … muhaahaaaa)…her knack to help almost anyone and everyone she bumps on the road sometimes gets on my nerve…and the range of her truck-full of sympathy covers broken heart to broken leg to broken tap …but her sympathies never reach me… How she exploded at me when I was waiting for her to have dinner …it was past midnight though… food and myself-both ice cold…Me-poor thing !!! Bhalai ka to zamana hi nahi raha!!!(there is no goodness in doing good anymore)


Her cooking needs a special mention …strangely unique… dedicatedly she tries to prepare rice without water and boil egg sans water (I wonder what kind of allergy she has to this chemical composition).. and her masterpiece (outcome of her short term memory loss) when she nicely prepared rice for me … kept in cooker … rice and water … in their original form … smartly forgotten to be kept on stove…

I remember our struggle to make Aaloo bhaji(potato curry) … potatoes and Kadhai(utensil) have this strange affinity to each other… their crazy attraction beats me … no matter how much you try, they remain together … after a lot of khichick -Khachak and energy drain we finally get Aaloo(Kadhai) bhaji… well now even that half cooked somewhat edible so called food sounds great… what I woudn’t do to get back to my kitchen (standing in middle… stranded .. deserted…by my roomies …with a look of despair on my lovely face)


Now let me familiarize you with our Third Angel aka Alo{clapping} … after she joined the crazy duo .. started our tryst with misadventure… Latest I have heard is that this Bengali lass is feverently trying to shed some invisible fats …if you notice a fair devilish looking girl on staircase…breathless and puffing… on her way to 6th floor in GMR.. Kindly give a helping hand… Poor thing is trying hard to convert the esters of glycol and fatty acids into muscles… Its not that she is obese or chubby but a dude aka Mr Hulk made a slight remark on her growing weight and thus entered the obsessive ghoul …

This girl has taught me so many lessons in her own special way. It so happened that one day I decided to take her on in arm wrestling…Myself (a champ) – have a history of defeating guys … but I forgot the fact that it was 12 years back and the length, breath and height of my arm is more or less the same… so on the appointed day and time, I ,brutally and ruthlessly got defeated by her hammer-hand and what followed was a week of muscle cramp and strain…Moral – History sometimes don’t repeat itself.

The first audible vibration that used to enter my ear in a beautiful sunny Chennai morning was (RAJ UHHTOO!!!!) with decibels reaching the zenith… and poor myself blinking and trembling… will be out of my bed in split second(a feat that not even Mom could achieve)… and then followed the fast forward version of brushing, bathing, dressing, eating and rushing to office …

Myself and Alo are junk food connoisseur… religiously calling Dominos every Sunday … even the mediun size pizza sometimes couldn’t satisfy our appetite…Dearest Kalps would stay miles away from anything starting with the J word …avoiding it like plague…My dearest angel is on Pizza Vrath(fast) till I go back… poor baby!!! Dnt worry I will eat on your behalf also…

These string of in(acc)cidents form a part of who I am … Realization dawns when you know that there is nobody waiting for you in the new house… when you have your dinner alone … when at night screaming silence engulf you … when you have to fumble for numbers to share a tear…

Some special days I have spent with the strangest species of human kind… Can’t wait to continue our crazy (mis)adventures…

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  1. glad that you have so many hobbies,
    I know many people collect stamps..
    awesome life style,

    Thank you for voting and comenting.

  2. Heyyy, I had written a post on my roomies as well. That was during my initial days of blogging 😀 😀 😀

    Ok, we all now know the three angels, but who or where is Charlie ?? 😀 😀 😀

  3. hey friends are really special.. Ur posts carry a warmth that touches the cord of the heart.. Lovely..:)

    Btw that aloo bhaji was really funny indeed.. wonder maybe that made u write that story about MR POTATO..:)

  4. ROFL ,,alloo bhaji 😆
    //no matter how much you try, they remain together// hiih let the oil heat up properly 1st 😛
    hihihiih so nice 😀 have nvr had a chance to stay w/o family,,,,, hmmm the post made me think once again,,atleast once i shud 😀

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