[55 Fiction] ::Victim::


Place – High Court

“… found guilty of Dowry demands and mentally harassing his wife and in-laws … The jury sentence him …”

“He’s jailed for 7 years… we can start our life … anew”, she exclaimed.

Place – Central Jail
Dejected, he stood there, imprisoned for a crime he never committed.

** Women are not the only victim.

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  1. VERY TRUE.. and when i say that It is a FACT.. its normal human tendecy to favour women.. But the story is not always the same … Oh Man I have been to so many domestic violence .. that it seems man is doing it all.. but when you dig deeper .. it is a compeletly different story…

    and its not the physical part which is almost always looked into .. But other aspects also the mental torture.. the agony … But though we say its good justice is blind it doesnot disciminate.. But in todays day adn age it NEEDS to OPEN it EYES … and see what it actually happening…

    A very good article 🙂

  2. Absolutely!! Women are not the only victim. Have seen/heard of women domineering, controlling, emotionally abusing, threatening men. Some poor guys have to endure a lot!
    We don't hear so much of organizations supporting men's rights as compared to the women rights ones!

  3. Super!!! I have witnessed lot of women taking advantage of the laws that protect them. Sexual harassment at corporate orgs, dowry law..and all that.

    Such women are devil

  4. A view from the other side…Nice one Rajlakshmi…Though it is still too early for the judiciary system to take the guys side in our country…

  5. I totally agree with you, a close friend of mine(a guy) went though a divorce recently… and some things in law are quite appalling, especially that a guy is considered guilty, unless he proves otherwise….

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